Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A Special Thanksgiving Day.

Each year here in the USA we have a special day unlike any other known anywhere else in the world. It is our unique holiday this giving thanks day. It is not only to give thanks for the abundance in our lives that God has blessed upon us, but also to commemorate the first Thanksgiving day celebrated by the Pilgrims, after overcoming hardships suffered by the first settlers from the old world to the new.

Thanks was given not only for survival but also for an abundant crop as well as new friendships formed with the Indians who helped the newcomers to settle in the new land.

I have something in common with those first settlers, as it was on Thanksgiving Day that my family arrived to this new land and was welcomed to settle in this our new country, the USA. Each year we give thanks for our new opportunity for a free life in this land, each year we remember how warmly we were welcomed, how much open help we received from people who knew nothing about us, but nonetheless gave us love and friendship.

Perhaps those who wish to protest against the abundance of this land should reflect about how much it has given to those who have no hope anywhere else. Perhaps it's time they open their eyes and see how this country and it's people opened doors to millions who needed help and in true tradition of Thanksgiving Day, gave all they could in order to give opportunity to newcomers like us. Not handouts, but helping hands with love.

Dedicated with special thanks and in loving memory to
Bob and Irma Weede

Give thanks for what you have, give thanks to those you know and don't forget to thank God.
Have a Happy and Abundant Thanksgiving Day
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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Breathing Smoke

Perhaps one of the hardest topics for me to write about is my political experiences.  Granted most of them are indirect, yet, they are very personal for they were experienced by close relatives. Relatives and friends  who had nothing to lose by the telling anymore. Yes, they are a dying "breed", those who have lived the horrors and lived to tell. Yes also perhaps to those critics who think that was an age gone by. Legitimately you may ask why tell the tale now, and why not then?  I've often thought the same,  and now as I face demons once again, I may have found the answer.

For many years I've observed with occasional outburst although my immediate family would argue that too. I found arguing useless after a while because facts just don't matter to those who think they know better or who think that now is different and better. To the contrary I may argue, but it goes nowhere. As I've mentioned recently in a discussion, "To each of the many I know who have lived through it I know a thousand who think they know better". That is the problem I, and many like me, face now. How to bring into light the fact that you are breathing second hand smoke. Often smoke is not noticed except by smell, and if you don't have the nose for it you may not detect the odor; yet when a light is placed in the correct position, the smoke in the room is evident. But whether you detect it or not, it's equally deadly.

The deception is always in the partial truth. In this case, that there is corruption in government and that there are bad and deceptive companies who are dance partners with them. The real deception however is that, in case of government, one side is more to blame than the other; and the real deception  in case of companies and corporations it's that all CEO's board members or presidents are both rich and corrupt.  Both of them fuel the final deception that all citizens and workers are victims of  these aforementioned government entities and companies and that without them, nirvana would be reached.

The fact is these half truth deceptions are not new. The same went on during the Vietnam era, the free speech movement and the flower power seekers. The same went before WWII in Germany especially and the same continued immediately  post WWII in the Russian held Europe. The same deception was also successfully fueled during the Bolshevik Revolution and if you go back far enough right after Karl Marx wrote his Communist Manifesto, 1848 revolts broke out everywhere.

The only difference between all of the above is the name of the supposed oppressor from Monarchs (Imperialism) to Banks (Money Lenders, aka Jews) to now Companies and Corporations (Capitalists).  The smoke weaves in and out and mixes all these, so do not think this list is a straight line. There were capitalists during imperialism as well as corrupt bankers and although one might like to think that imperialism is done and over,  the fact is that imperialism is still very much present under the guise of "stardom". In short, we make our politicians into kings and queens along with our entertainers. It is also a fact that throughout the world, although we may call them by different names, monarchy still reigns over many people. But it's also true that I do not know of a single country that is openly owned by a corporation or a bank, but that too may be closer that we think, as many are owned to a point by the IMF and here at home by the Federal Reserve, not to mention the upper hand that George Soros may have over them all. But even knowing that, the deception is not done. The smoke is still in the room and, although a shed of light may have been cast, it has not been cleared by a single molecule.

Information placed at the just the right time and places helps the continuation and the growth of  the popular thoughts mentioned above which assures your thinking that you are on the right path with the right people as your champions. This way you have no problem joining the righteous march as you now have a "cause".  Causes are the most useful tools to those who want to deceive because it will blind your vision of the bigger picture and choke the truth in your thoughts.  It is when causes are set aflame that those who wish to do most harm can flourish by creating more smoke and while you are breathing it in, you become more and more certain that the "end" will create the solution to the "evil" you are against.

The fact that in the final analysis your nirvana promised you will not be born is ignored. The fact that the needed changes which you adopt only ensures your suppression and victimization is not believed or seen by you.  Even if you see the facts you have already breathed enough smoke to choke off your reasoning and you've got used to your blurred visions so you are convinced you are seeing and thinking clearly.  Besides which, you believe that this time it will be different.

It is thus that you descend deeper into deception where your action actually begin to cause the harm of others, be it directly physical via bodily harm or indirectly physical via property damage.  It is at this point where you can point fingers and make those who you feel  are your "enemy" suffer the consequences of what they have created, therefore socially justified. It is where you start looking the "other way" feeling accomplished that  you have done a good cause and convinced that the justice is only given those who deserve it and any fallout is only temporary.

Unfortunately the deception is simply done. It is done slowly over many days, months, years. Everyone has a different time frame and everyone at one time or another feels it, because we are all human.  It is simple because of  that very reason, we are all human. The deception is the conviction that you, or those you champion, are victims of those in power. Not realizing that those who perpetuate the feeling in you are the real evil ones gives more power to the deception. The crowds around you equally immersed are not freedom givers, they are freedom takers. The unfortunate truth is that they are equally blind with you.

What gets you to believe this is the seed within that thinks you are lacking something. Not recognizing that every thought or action has a choice and within each choice lies the real truth of self  based on responsibility.
Once you recognize the fact that you have choices far beyond your smoke poisoned thinking you can no longer be part of the deception.

Unfortunately it is also true that when you become a non-victim believer, it does not end, because the deception will always find more people to victimize and more people who will become willing victims to take up the "cause". Velle est posse.

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velle est posse


Sunday, October 30, 2011

Occupy Thinking

I wish you mountains you can climb forever as high as you want to go. Valleys no longer deep becasue that would hurt you so. Why go into valley when mountains can grow, we need not look down when 'up' is where to go. Only  what you want should you ever focus on, don't see other humankind, just send them a brief note and let them go on. You are first, you are magnificent, you cannot do no wrong, keep stroking your self esteem for you're important. Until you reach the top, is there such a thing? No the escalator is forever in this  future of new things.

Delude your self, keep thinking you will be the elite that will be "saved" by the other elites; accepted into their inner circle never having the leave again and lift a rock. Go ahead Americans, delude your selves, go ahead world, there is nothing to fight for except the so called "oppressed" which you think you are amongst, so fight for your nothing future, create your delusions, destroy the old and continue into the sky high blue.

 Yes, your climb need not go on, for there is an escalator to take you higher with placards full of promises of a just and equal life, judged by others and not by you. When you're done with your climb and look around, it is not other peaks you'll see, but the dark walls of the pit you're in. Your utopia of a bright shiny light is a single lightbulb in the dark and the stars that you thought you'd reach is raised on the rooftop awaiting your worship.

Yes, keep climbing in this upside down world we're in, straight into the crevices of hell,  where you won't reach any real stars but you'll have many stars of red.

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Saturday, October 29, 2011

I Wish You ... Not!

I wish you mountains you can climb forever as high as you want to go. Valleys no longer deep becasue that would hurt you so. Why go into valley when mountains can grow, we need not look down when 'up' is where to go. Only  what you want should you ever focus on, don't see other humankind, just send them a brief note and let them go on. You are first, you are magnificent, you cannot do no wrong, keep stroking your self esteem for you're important. Until you reach the top, is there such a thing? No the escalator is forever in this  future of new things.

Delude your self, keep thinking you will be the elite that will be "saved" by the other elites; accepted into their inner circle never having the leave again and lift a rock. Go ahead Americans, delude your selves, go ahead world, there is nothing to fight for except the so called "oppressed" which you think you are amongst, so fight for your nothing future, create your delusions, destroy the old and continue into the sky high blue.

 Yes, your climb need not go on, for there is an escalator to take you higher with placards full of promises of a just and equal life, judged by others and not by you. When you're done with your climb and look around, it is not other peaks you'll see, but the dark walls of the pit you're in. Your utopia of a bright shiny light is a single lightbulb in the dark and the stars that you thought you'd reach is raised on the rooftop awaiting your worship.

Yes, keep climbing in this upside down world we're in, straight into the crevices of hell,  where you won't reach any real stars but you'll have many stars of red.

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Sunday, October 23, 2011

The First Blow

A lot is said about the end of the  Cold War with the destruction of the wall that separated East and West Berlin but not much is mentioned any more about that first chink placed in the Iron Curtain.  The first blow that got world attention even if just for a brief moment in time. That first blow which was struck 55 years ago on this day, October 23, 1956 known as the  Hungarian Revolution.

It would be nice to think that it is over. That the monsters that lived and ruled then will never be able to destroy the human spirit again.  I wish that it were true. Communism never died and will never die as long as there are people willing to subject themselves to a belief  that government will protect them and the rich owe them.

The very same people who now are calling for that very thing throughout the USA. Yes, Communism never dies it just moves on like a virus taking opportunity where it can to flourish in the poisoned minds of the poorly educated, the bitter, the lazy, purposeless masses.  People who do not see hope in themselves but only in those who say they will provided it for them.  People who think that work is not something they create for themselves but it should be created for them. People who listen to the slogans but don't bother to research it. The danger lays not in those who know, it lies in those who do not.

It is those who do not know who are the blind followers and regurgitate slogans they themselves cannot explain. Slogans full of promise that are only smoke. When asked to explain their views, these people usually just repeat what they've heard. When probed deeper or challenged by facts, they get a glazed look unable to comprehend the reality. They are the useful people at the start of any revolution for oppression.

On the other hand, the students that started the demonstration of the 1956 revolt against the Soviet oppression were actually looking for the truth and demanding it. They knew what oppression of truth was in the real sense; they grew up with it. Unable to probe into any foreign knowledge outside the Iron curtain, they were only able to sneak a few words by listening, upon pain of detention or death, to the Voice of America broadcast. They knew oppression because they could not discuss openly anything of what they thought. No political discussion was allowed, no speaking against government or it's leaders. They could not even comment about the quality of production at factories or the lack of provisions and food. It was all considered an attack on the government.

Watching the Wall St. protesters one can only wonder what their oppression is.  Certainly none of the ones listed above. They are able to listen to anything they want from anywhere around the world. Their education is not restricted to books printed by government, they have ample mechanical, technical and organic items available to them. None of them complain about the lack of food, and if they did they would not be punished for it but most likely provided with more choice. They are not at lack for work because let's face it if they wanted work that is not where they'd be hanging around for so many days. People who want to find work and provide for their families have no time for demonstrations.  So their choice of work is certainly available to them, after all the office of unemployment does not demand that one take any job offered. In fact not one of them is restricted from doing the any work they please, like people are under Communism.

In addition of all those listed oppressions doled out under Communism was one that few people hear about and perhaps even fewer would believe.  That is the inability to choose your work even if educated to do the profession. So a doctor, educator, lawyer, scientist, artist, singer, dancer, writer, could not practice their craft but were made to do other work. Work usually decided by some social justice group. If in any way professionals offended the regime, they would be prevented from practice; the offence  as small as a political joke could send one to be questioned and never to be able to work steadily again.

I am willing to bet that many people living today in the USA have no conception how that would feel. After all, here you can study and do whatever you wish to earn money, save for what is against the law. Here you can even invent work for yourself, as long as you get paid for your work or invention, it's legitimate. Under Communism everything has to be approved. Are you getting the picture yet?

What the Wall St. protesters on the most part do not realize that what they are asking for is suppression and what they are giving up is their freedom.  A freedom hard fought by many before them.

In memory for those who fought, In memory for those who died
23 Oktober 1956, Budapest, Hungary

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The Hungarian National Anthem

Monday, July 4, 2011

America The Beautiful

I found a copy of this poem, "America the Beautiful"  written by Katharine Lee Bates in 1893, amongst my mothers personal papers and have kept it close to me since, but I have not pondered its words until now. It is amazing how we can hear something said or sung often and know the words,  yet not fully realize its message, until one day, we read it once again :

The first verse, for me, celebrates America's vastness, variety and abundance, which also gives us opportunity.  The author also acknowledges God for giving this land and also asks to help us come together as a people in His honor on this land.

O beautiful for spacious skies,
For amber waves of grain,
For purple mountains majesties
Above the fruited plain!
America! America!
God shed his grace on thee
And crown thy good with brotherhood
From sea to shining sea!

The second verse speaks of the hardships that had to be overcome by the early settlers, whose passion for freedom led them to not give in or give up thereby forging a path for the rest of those seeking freedom to follow.  It also recognizes that we are not perfect but asks God to help us find solutions for our flaws and to help us practice self-control and trust that liberty is found by following the law:

O beautiful for pilgrims feet
Whose stern, impassioned stress
A thoroughfare for freedom beat
Across the wilderness!
America! America!
God mend thine every flaw,
Confirm thy soul in self-control,
Thy liberty in law!

The third and final verse, speaks of the future of the land and trusts that there will be men, citizens, patriots who will continue to carry forward the torch of freedom and even through suffering will not let it's light diminish. It asks God to grace her with  people whose ambition will be to keep her in her glory and continue to be the beacon for many years to come. 

O beautiful for patriot dream
That sees beyond the years
Thine alabaster cities gleam
Undimmed by human tears!
America! America!
God shed his grace on thee
Till nobler men keep once again 
Thy whiter jubilee!

This is where we are 235 years after the Declaration of Independence, where we once again must declare our intent and ask for God's grace to help us recognize once more her abundance and beauty and resolve to continue in our impassioned stress to beat a thoroughfare for freedom.

I firmly believe that God was with the founders of this nation and that they all recognized His role and blessings. Just as this poem asks once more for God to guide us on the right path, so must we always recognize God's role in our continued freedom.  

Few people pick up a pamphlet today known as The Declaration of Independence along with the written words of The Constitution of the United States, but please pick it up today and devote the few minutes it takes to read it; but even before you read it, pick it up and hold it between your hands; notice how thin it is, notice how small the pamphlet is, notice how few words it has. Realize that this nation has its laws written there  in those few paragraphs and realize that America was born out of those few words in that small pamphlet... now, start reading.

Happy Birthday America and may God continue to shed his grace on thee! 

Now listen to this beautiful instrumental rendition and read about the founders of our nation and what they risked for freedom. I wonder, can we do the same? 

I disagree with Woodrow Wilson the rest is great!

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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Scripting The Future

Perhaps some of you noticed that what many were warning Wall Street was 5 years ago, greed without regard to value is actually happening today. Five years ago it was hype, it was hatred of Bush, CEO's and anything to do with curtailing government spending. It was name calling our President "stupid" who we were told knew nothing about economy, it was about Americans who were hated overseas because of Bush and the war and it was about greedy corporations who just wanted to ship our jobs overseas, and we were reminded by the media daily that we were a suffering lot because of greedy Wall Streeters, CEO's and the "rich". Our outlook based on those reports looked bad to horrible they all kept repeating to us in the USA. It was reported and repeated while our unemployment rate of 4.5 for most of 2006 was dropping and employment rate was rising; and it was said with hatred especially aimed at one man, the President of the USA, by its own citizens.

People overseas were scratching their heads. Illegals were pouring in across our borders for work. You see the Unemployment rate dropped from 2004 - 2006 from 5.7% to dipping below 4.5% and leveling at 4.5 at the end of the year. Employement rate rose in the same time period from just above 130millions to above 136 millions in the same time period. (source: Bureau of Labor Statistics) Actually that figure is non-farm payrolls it was nearly 146 millions total.

Americans truly did look greedy to the people overseas if they wanted better than what we had. Unemployment rate was hovering around 9%+ in Europe and some overseas reporters were actually writing comparisons of poverty and wished us to realize that our so called "poverty" would be wealth to most in the world. But to those Americans who hated what they had, and those Americans who, knowingly or not, spewed hate for what they had, the world "knew" nothing. Much of the media, entertainment and news, fit that category so from day in and day out we heard much negativity.

No-one dared question then, either. No-one dared call it a conspiracy. No-one dared call those who spread the negative word anything more than liberals, and they did not confront them much with reality. Maybe you were among those who was bemused and amused about it all, maybe you were among those who hated; it matters not anymore because all of us wrote the script then for what we are living now.

Now we truly have greed in Wall Street, but it's not just among the higher echelon, it's in the pits among traders too. We now truly have high unemployment and our jobs going overseas. We now truly have CEO's who collude with government to get more, we now truly have high unemployment and getting worse and low Employment and getting worse. Did we have those before, yes, but not in growing numbers and with it the hatred is growing. We now have people threatening others for their thoughts. We now have open hunting season on conservatives.

We are now beginning to see those who were behind it all marching down our streets with the hammer&sickle symbol calling for more hate, and even death. We now have the beginnings of another civil war and unfortunately. What is worse is that we now have a President and Cabinet who truly know nothing about economy or at least they act as they don't. Many still think that one vote will end it. Many are refusing to open their eyes out of fear, many out of blindness, and many cheer it on thinking they will be among the saved.

Yet,perhaps the worst of it all is that most are still naive to think that they did not write this future and are scripting the next which they will be living for many years to come.

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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Our Ultimate Moral Dilemma

To act or not to act. To fight or not to fight. To accept or not. To see or not to see, to speak or think or to close my eyes and hope for the best. I am troubled because I cannot do the alternate. I have to speak, I have to search I cannot just accept. I, at times, wish I could. I have not written regularly in a long while because I've tried to convince myself that I am wrong or what I know is known by many and does not need my input.

It takes courage and honesty to be a leader. I am not one politically. It's not a matter of what is best said and done politically, it's a sense of what is the right thing to do. I do not have a large following and I do not think I ever will, but I'm realizing that perhaps leadership does not need that. What leadership needs is action, what it takes is just speaking out even if it's only one person who listens. I've written before about timing. That there are many who start but only a few have the timing right. I am particularly bad about timing, but it matters no longer.

I was brought to this time for a reason, I have learned from my father's experience for a reason. I cannot stay quiet and dismiss what my parents sacrificed. I have to do my part in trying to stop what, I believe, is morally wrong: The destruction of the Constitution of the USA and with it, all freedoms on earth by this regime currently sitting in the office of the Presidency of the USA and all those who support it in Congress. In this we have a great and formidable enemy: a pervasive lack of morality.

In his interview, Yuri Bezmenov, aka Tomas Schumann, said that it was easy to corrupt the USA because there was a lack of moral character. The first line subversive attack is to break down moral character. That was pretty well accomplished in the mid to late 1960s. It was not difficult to continue the same during the 1970's and now we are living the outcome.

That we were made to study misinformation in schools which today continue to be more and more blatant should be enough for outrage, but that would require a healthy moral society to bring into action. That would require people to at least make an effort to research what they hear and read. But that is no more. Not only did the "students" of the 1960s spread lies they used the same terrorist actions that we now see in Wisconsin, Europe and the Middle East. What should be even more alarming is that those same "students" are now the ruling class of the USA. They are the professors, the politicians we accepted amongst us with our uninformed votes. We have allowed their blatant lies and subversive acts to continue for 45 years and only now are we beginning to awaken. Our group has however dwindled and the task now is much more daunting and dangerous.

What happened while you were asleep? Just a change. A change in thinking and ultimate acceptance of morals that previously would have been unacceptable. Lies & thievery. Thievery never serves good. Lies do not either. Our government turned to lies and thievery, and encouraged its population to at least accept it even if they did not do it. Period. It was simply done because two generations have been educated to accept it thus.

Lies taught to children become beliefs. Children under these regimes are not taught to think, they are taught to believe what is being told to them. What is more, they are not taught to question in an intelligent way, but only in an accusatory way. In this way, children are taught to turn on the family and are able to report any family acts which are not on the approved list of acceptable behavior. In addition, they are taught to question only those who the teachers approve of, which includes parents, but never the teachers or approved leaders. It is why no one questions President Obama seriously. In short, we have raised our enemies. The evidence of turning people in for smoking, food, sugar, consumption should prove as evidence enough. Do not laugh it off, it's far more dangerous than you think.

Listen, take the bananas out of your ears, and truly listen... because it's already here:

So, can you hear it, because if you don't you'll be one of the many who will say, "I didn't know! How could I have?" while your neighbors disappear into the night.

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Sunday, March 20, 2011

This Time it IS the Oil, Media!

Some report that the war in Iraq is now 8 years old but we have not heard any news about recent battles or squirmishes there. In fact by all reports it has been fairly stable and although our troops are still on the ground, a transition is and has been taking place since 2007. Most data I can find about the war ends at about 2007. So, where is the oil? It the war was fought for oil, it certainly has been poorly fought because the US has not received 1 drop. So I guess the war in Iraq was not a success for those that wished you to believe it was over oil and not freedom from a tyrant.

Let skip forward to Libya. News reports are mainly focused on freedom fighter and rebels against a tyrant we've know for a long time to be, Qaddafi or Gaddafi or any of the 1000 ways of spelling his name; makes him no less evil. Oh, but that term was, as I recall, taboo in 1985 when Reagan used it. But let's not digress. Kadaffi has been known to be a tyrant, a supporter of terrorists, and factually linked to attacks in Europe against countries, which included the USA via the Pan American Airline crash over Lockerbie Scottland. So far, no real difference between the two tyrants, Saddam Hussein and Kadaffi. Both repressed, killed and tortured their own people they purported to love, and both plotted, assisted in attacks on the free world. Yet one war is sanctioned and the other was not by the population of the free world, and one war was accused to be over oil while the other about supporting and freeing the people.

So, why the difference? Could it have anything to do with the media reporting and the political affiliation of the person holding the highest office? Could it have anything to do with the need for oil supply in Europe, or is it as noble as it seems or, ahem, is being reported.

Just a brief glimpse inside both those premises, we find that the media is quiet about any thought of greed for oil. Also that the thought of our military being part of yet another war, is chirp chirp, quiet & still. Even the war protesters are still protesting over Iraq. Any news of war protesters about our involvement in Libya? Again, quiet.

I hear plenty about the action and who is shooting down whom and how many civilians, rebels or government forces are being killed, but it's not the same tone in reporting. No outrageous cries of crimes committed by allied troops against the poor population.

So let's look at Libya and it's oil production.. who get's what. First Libya doesn't even appear on the list of top oil producers in the world on the U.S. Energy, Information Administration site but it's #18 by rank and they only list the top 15. Libya is a member of OPEC and it has the largest proven oil reserves in Africa and yet it's still reported to be largely unexplored. Libya also has the light sweet crude that most covet.

Additionally, most of the oil exported from Libya is imported directly into Europe (72%). It's close proximity is ideal. Largest importers are Italy, France, Spain, Greece, U.K. Only 3% comes to the USA. Without Libyan oil, Europe's economy could easily crash which as it is already on the brink of doing anyway. Additionally, with the current loss of Egypt as an ally, the top single most important oil producer and now a teetering ally is Saudi Arabia. Oh yes, the possible problems posed by the current instability in the Middle East is alarming to many Western Nations and mostly to Europe.

Granted that the USA is in need of much Middle Eastern oil, but it is the third top producer in the world and has plenty of reserves hindered only by the unwillingness to drill. But Europe's reserves are meager in comparison and are much less available for exploration or cultivation due to it's densely developed land. Russia, has been much aware of Europe's need of oil for many decades and would like nothing more than to have a monopoly for it's control. With the Libyan upheaval, and increasing Shiite rebellion and protests throughout the Middle East, Iran's and Russia's monopoly could be realized making Libya even a more important pawn on this chessboard.

Control of Iraq and Libya is and was important for terrorist activities around the world. Yet one was excused (sanctioned) for many more years than the other. Saddam threatened to undermine the stability of the Middle East and systematically killed their own even using weapons of mass destruction. (yes, they did) Their high oil production was important for Europe as well but it was the threatening disruption of OPEC balance which was probably most disturbing and why it was that Saudi Arabia sanctioned and requested our involvement.

So, could the Libyan war be over oil? This time, I bet it is. Could this high office holder be excused and held to be a hero instead of the villain? Yes, he could, all due the difference in media coverage: people not oil.

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