Sunday, October 30, 2011

Occupy Thinking

I wish you mountains you can climb forever as high as you want to go. Valleys no longer deep becasue that would hurt you so. Why go into valley when mountains can grow, we need not look down when 'up' is where to go. Only  what you want should you ever focus on, don't see other humankind, just send them a brief note and let them go on. You are first, you are magnificent, you cannot do no wrong, keep stroking your self esteem for you're important. Until you reach the top, is there such a thing? No the escalator is forever in this  future of new things.

Delude your self, keep thinking you will be the elite that will be "saved" by the other elites; accepted into their inner circle never having the leave again and lift a rock. Go ahead Americans, delude your selves, go ahead world, there is nothing to fight for except the so called "oppressed" which you think you are amongst, so fight for your nothing future, create your delusions, destroy the old and continue into the sky high blue.

 Yes, your climb need not go on, for there is an escalator to take you higher with placards full of promises of a just and equal life, judged by others and not by you. When you're done with your climb and look around, it is not other peaks you'll see, but the dark walls of the pit you're in. Your utopia of a bright shiny light is a single lightbulb in the dark and the stars that you thought you'd reach is raised on the rooftop awaiting your worship.

Yes, keep climbing in this upside down world we're in, straight into the crevices of hell,  where you won't reach any real stars but you'll have many stars of red.

Thank reading
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