Thursday, March 15, 2012

Magyar National Day

March15th commemorates the outbreak of the 1848 Revolution in Hungary which attempted to break free from Austrian Empirical rule.  Below is a short well done video of the key players in this history and songs of the day.

(the Godfather theme is an unfortunate beginning but it's worth to look past it & forgive the producer.)

Most renowned heroes of 1848:
Petöfi Sándor National Poet of Hungary  He wrote the poem: "National Song" on March 13th and recited it in Pest on March 15th, which called for Hungarians "to get on their feet, throw off their chains" & thereby ignited the passion for freedom in Hungarians.
Kossuth Lajos Regent President of Hungary and considered a leader for Democracy in Europe and honored by USA and Great Britain in his lifetime.
Széchenyi István  Born into Nobility, Politician & considered one of the greatest Statesman of Hungary.
Bem Józef  Non-Hungarian (Ottoman) General & Hero of 1848

For more information please see Wikipedia: Hungarian Revolution 1848 

I published this today because we must forever fight the battle for freedom and when successful we must keep up the battle to preserve it for each one of us individually and together.

Thanks for Reading