Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Global Climate Change Debacle

Look yourself in the mirror. Do you like to be duped? Of course not. Most not only dislike it, they do the next worse thing; they deny it ever happened. So it is with the global warming movement. Scientists, politicians, people from all walks, have been duped and even though many are beginning to realize it, they will go along with the agenda because it is better than admit to being duped or wrong. Not one single person by themselves will change this phenomenon and even if finally the masses are revealed the real truth they will reject it.

Especially as a group; were a nation or the world to learn that they were all duped, they would rather deny knowledge than to face the hard truth, that we can all fall for a scam, no matter how intelligent we may be. The horror of the realization that we can be misled, brain washed so easily is dreadful to everyone of any age singly but even more dreadful were we to realize that it can be done en masse.

So it happens that the recent unraveling of the global warming myth, not many are willing to run the story with factual data, but only speak of it in side notes and quickly change the subject. No one seems to think it important to really investigate although investigate they should, as the December Copenhagen meeting is looming over us which can bring irreversible consequences on us based on very bad data, indeed.

This story is of the magnitude of the Nazi extermination camps that many, including those that lived around them and those that even worked in them, denied as impossible when confronted with the truth in plain site. It is amazing what the human mind will do to preserve its hold to a belief.

Below is a message from a friend, one who knows much more on the subjec than most of us and has been battling local media for fair coverage on the matter:

"Here is a fascinating Finnish video about "Climategate", tree rings and hockey sticks I found via the Financial Times. I have had much contact with Finnish scientists and admire them greatly.

There has been a devastatingly frank video dissection of the whole climate science debacle done by the Finns. In it are interviews with Steve McIntyre and Prof Richard Lindzen, discussing how they tried to get the raw data to study. The Finns have been doing research into the tree ring science for decades before the IPCC crowd got on to it, and their conclusions are the opposite of the IPCC. Even one of their graphs showing a cooling trend was turned upside in one study to show a warming trend!

Go see this wonderfully clear video tracking the controversy amusingly called Climate Catastrophe Cancelled."

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Friday, October 23, 2009

Seeds of Revolution

Doesn't seem that long ago, but it was. Most born in the last 20 years do not know the oppression that was brought on by a nation which with it's "elected" leader paraded himself a savior: Stalin. Papa Stalin made nice speeches, while in secret brought death, fear, oppression and hatred, under the purported ideal perfect government: Marxism, Communism, Socialism. Those that lived under such oppression, eventually rose up in a small country on a cool October Eve in protest against the lies they were fed everyday by teachers, University professors, and by the news media. They assembled and burned the false propagandist books, and they marched to the Hungarian National Radio station to make demands for freedom of speech and thought. In return, the troops sent to stop the demonstration, fired into the crowd, killing many, and so the revolt began.

Does all that sound familiar? We today in America are on the ledge of discovering what oppression means. We have precious little time to prevent what others have experienced in many countries before us. I do not hear a single Hungarian who fought and finally escaped to freedom, supporting what is happening in America. In fact they wonder why Americans want communism. They recognized the seed many months ago, and talk with disbelief that it is happening here. They fret for their children and grandchildren, yet only few seem to listen to the voice of experience.

What needs to happen and quickly? Ousting all those that are abusing the power. The US Constitution has been violated. That is treason, by the highest holders of seats in the government. The US Constitution cannot be changed, it needs to be strictly enforced. The alarming Obama indoctrinating propaganda in schools needs to be protested by parents and ceased immediately. Television and radio news media needs to be called and told that we demand proper news reporting.

The seeds of fear have already been planted with large corporations, money lenders, presidents and CEO's of firms. Once they're under government control, the middle class will be next. Do not for a minute let your vigilance down and think that you are safe from re-education,or surveillance.

Alarmist, perhaps, Orwellian it is; but remember you laughed and though in 1984 that it couldn't happen here! That was only 25 years ago and the Soviet Union reigned terror for.......

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Monday, September 14, 2009

Armageddon Indeed!

When last Putin was in Venezuela, I suspected it was a precursory visit. The War games they performed in the Gulf went almost without comment from our new administration. Media reports were light. I wrote about my suspicions that it was not a good sign. But somehow it is not alarming enough.

Now we find out, that Venezuela will go nuclear with Putin's help. Yes the same Putin who is helping Iran; or didn't you know? Yes, the same Putin who is still the ultimate power in the USSR..oops I mean Russia. Yes, the same Putin who laments the loss of the power of the Soviet Union. You though their ambitions were dead? I imagine the media will not investigate it or report it with any depth, as I have yet to hear about it this in their hourly soundbites.

How stupid have we become? Iran is not enough? Korea is not enough? You think worrying about them is not enough?

Reagan warned about the possibility of a nuclear power in our hemisphere, over and over again. Now it will be happen, yet no one notices. Kennedy almost went to war to prevent nuclear weapons from being planted in Cuba. When will the USA get its spine back?

Obama promised Russia that we will reduce our nuclear arms. Also, he has all but backed off the missile shield in Europe which Poland and Czech Republic want to have.

Taps for the U.S. of A.? 2012 has been long discussed that it being the end of the Mayan calendar signals the end of the world and the coming sign of Armageddon. But what if it's the sign that all freedoms as enjoyed for quarter of a millennium in the only Nation that allowed it will come to an end? What price will humans pay for our lack of leadership?

Armageddon indeed, but not the one God will bring down on us, but one of our own creation. Maybe then, the "star wars" platform that Reagan proposed will not be so bad an idea, but hindsight is always too late.

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Iran in Venezuela
Russia and Venezuela

Friday, September 11, 2009

A Day to Remember and to Honor

Honor and remember those that had to witness, live through and perish under such terror. Honor and remember your own shock and sorrow as you watched it unfold. Honor and remember the mourning of those who lost loved ones, of those who helped heal and of us as a nation. Honor and remember Honor and remember the rage you felt that such an attack on your peaceful land occurred without provocation.

These wounds will never heal, the pain only subsides with time and if we allow our memories to be changed we will forget the lessons we vowed we learned that day.

We as a nation came together that day and stayed together in resolution that we shall overcome and defend our land so it can never happen again. Remember?

It's time to honor it again! It's time to not let anyone in government change this nation to what it is not. Resolute to not allow our Constitution to die at the hands of those who support such change and who celebrate this day rather than honor it.

These thoughts are well expressed in the words of a friend, who wrote:

"This is not a day of "national service" in the sense that some would have us believe. This is a day to commemorate those who lost their lives in the atrocity 8 years ago. This is a day to resolve that we will do everything within our power to preclude another such atrocity. That is true national service."

As you view the attached pictures, you can make your own resolution.

Obama has smeared this day for remembrance with mandating that it be called "National Service Day" and not paying attention to the actual heroic sacrifices and deeds people made on this day 8 years ago and the resolution this nation made to let it not happen again. So far we've been lucky, but when Homeland Security has for it's current and next year's goal to make secure 815 total miles of border between Canada and Mexico, which total over 6000 miles, and to prevent 29% terrorists and illegals from crossing into the USA, I wonder how long we can hold on.

We need to focus on our national defense which the Constitution mandates for our government to do whereas there's nowhere in the Constitution of the USA that mandates the government to take care of everyone who resides on her land; be it with health care, welfare, childcare or bailouts.

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Thursday, September 3, 2009

How Stupid is That!

This video is being shown in schools now. School children are being indoctrinated to pledge themselves to this man, and not to their country.

Remember Hitler youth! Remember Communist pioneers! Remember the Khmer Rouge! Remember the Taliban! Remember that they all recruited and indoctrinated the youth first, with deadly consequences for adults, as you listen and watch this video calling for a pledge:

Listen to how empty headed they are! Was it that difficult or impossible to do all that good deed and service under the presidency of Bush and Clinton and Bush and Reagan or anytime regardless of who is in the White House? Shows that they can't think for themselves.

They talk of ending slavery then they pledge to become servants. How Stupid is that? It's ironic that they elected a black man to be their slave master. Only people without any self-esteem and with need of accolades from the masses for their self worth would follow with such blind adoration and not see their own folly.

Also stupid are people who support these morons by buying their products, because they help them to become more rich. How stupid is that?

Yes, it's stupid but the trouble is it's even more dangerous because they have the power of money and the adoration of adolescents who want to become like them. It's up to parents to stand up and claim parenthood without government intervention. Be careful because I know what's next: mandatory pre-school and kindergarten. Do not lose your power over your children's education. Do not lose your power to choose education; and most of all, do not give into thinking that people on the screen have more intelligence than you do.

Question the morons. Question those that think adoration, being liked or being nice is the answer. Question those who are against what Americans are and try to tell you that green is good, and being progressive is progress or that the red is dead. Oh no my friends, the red is very much alive. Honeyed, reasonable sounding words can still be very stupid, like this video proves.

Be careful to whom you listen and who follow, because in the end: "We may be remembered as the highest educated stupid people per square mile in history, who in the end preferred sheepdom to freedom" Anni (7/14/2009)


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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Defeated through De-education

We received a warning several times about how we can be dismantled, starting with Khrushchev who declared we can and will be defeated through education. It's been done. Relentless years they took to dismantle it, and us in the process.

Beginning with the so-called "free speech" movement that the sheep bought into. Never questioning why we need "free speech" guarantees when it's right there in the first amendment of the constitution, countless youth thought it's best to be able to hijack it by using action, such as destruction of property & even murder, akin or equal to speaking.
As the years continued, we saw the very same people invading the University classrooms as professors, continuing the de- education which eventually turned against our very fundamental belief in ourselves as good, hardworking, giving and a worthy people.
Consequently, those students grew into the working world, where they started passing on the misguided belief that we, Americans, have been wasteful, arrogant, invasive, murderous, and greedy so we don't deserve our good life while others suffer at our hands.

The media from the main stream to the Hollywood stream were all too elated to explore such "fresh" ideas without bothering to really check the source, as they have not been taught research or if they have, they are certainly not keen on taking time to do it. "History is a can of ashes and not worth sifting through." has been used as a reason. Now fresh new faces brought up by the new education had their first say on the subject, campaigned with wide eyed wonder and rosy hopeful cheeks for a man they believed we needed to finalize the change. They got what they wished for because most voters followed with equal enthusiasm after years of being told to hate the truth and hate those who tell the truth (not in so many words); after years of so called "education" that was and is false. Those that insisted in having a one party system fulfilled the dream of Khrushchev, and to the secret glee, I'm sure, of many current leaders around the world, although I'm also sure there are many who watch with trepidation.

Historically it takes many generations to turn the tide, as the spiral that has begun needs momentum. The current generations are appeased, and happy with their achievements and truly believe that better times are ahead. With appeasement comes a slow death as people are being lulled into believing in what is to come. Like freezing to death, one gets lulled into a feeling of euphoria before one goes to sleep permanently. The following generations will not know anything better, therefore it will be a true visionary who can become the leader out of the new suppression. It will be more difficult because this is happening worldwide this time, and there are no new lands to discover or migrate to where new masses could pioneer a new and better life; at least not on this globe.

To achieve total world governance, the agenda must and has started with no less than the true breakdown of American society which will take a brutal turn as more resist, but I'm sure that the appeased will think it a necessary step for the good of all. But who amongst those will take total responsibility for it all?

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

How True is This Cartoon: Then and Now?

Moving my writings from another forum which I've closed, I ran across this response to the political cartoon below, sent to me. Then I wondered, in light of the current situation, if the cartoon itself should be updated. The budget deficit under the current Obama administration has been tripled by a runaway Democrat Party controlled Congress in less thank 6 months and they're not finished.

My original answer to the cartoon is still relevant today, so I shall let it stand.

So, what do you think?


Greenberg cartoon 08/08/2008

My original response dated August 15,2008

Real cute. Ha Ha. I did laugh.

So it kindled my interest.. how true is that cartoon???

First, we need to compare who controls the purse strings in Congress, with who is in the majority leadership there during each year. Truly it's Congress where deficits are controlled. Spending is approved and controlled by Congress and not the President, since the President can only propose a budget, large or small, and he can only veto it when presented on his desk. If Congress can over-ride his veto, most likely the President will sign it.

Here's the Congressional Budget Office record...year by year http://cbo.gov/budget/data/historical.pdf what's missing that I don't have time for is.. which side was in charge each of those years.. I know some but not all.. even with that
what we also have to consider is the domestic and world events that went on at that time which may have needed emergency funding not normally done. Scroll down on the paper for break down the cost of medicare, social security and defense spending. As to who was in majority each year, it's not noted, but there are other sources to fill in these gaps.

As you study the figures, note the record revenues collected since 2004 as I pointed out before (for those who think we don't pay enough taxes)and note year 2000 when the highest earnings were realized from the stock market during the .com era; not everyone went broke when the bubble burst. 2003 was the lowest point in the stock market for the decade so look at the revenue collected that year and then the continued growth of tax income as the economy grew and the stock market grew.

Also note debt held by public during the Clinton years & Carter years so it's not just Reagan and Bush.

By this comparison, Clinton is the worst until 2003 when the Iraq war started and as a side note, the fact that Clinton kept thwarting military budget and therefore reduced our defense spending, we have to question how come his administration outspent his predecessors overall, since you want to compare presidents per this cartoon.

Also, take note of the table : Revenues by Major Source which is an eye opener for those who think Corporations don't pay taxes.

Again also see how in residue of dot com boom, 2000, 2001, 2002 dip in markets and then growth in revenues as the economy recovered. Look at 2006 & 2007 for corporate tax revenues collected during the supposed favoritism toward corporations by tax reductions. Tax reductions started in 2003; the CBO figures bare out that tax reductions work and that people earn more and pay more when tax rates are lowered.

Here's a few more educated democrats point of view with facts: I know it's to 2006 but remember after 2006, Democrats took majority leadership in Congress, so I wouldn't want to start digging around how they handled the final years of the Bush administrations budget.


also, please read Clinton's support for budget balance here:


Believe me, I'm not happy with either side in Congress about how they waste money.

Thanks for this... I learned a lot doing the research


Thursday, July 16, 2009

Cold Bucket Magic

It's the hardest time to write; when one is down and feeling like no amount of words will do the magic that can be done with a cold bucket of water while one is sleeping. Unfortunately that cold bucket will only wake-up 1 person per bucket; and we need to wake people up by the thousands, for it will take no less to turn around.

I've been trying to wake people up for many years. The blog is my current medium to try to reach as many as possible, but alas, it's a slow grow, unlike the relentless politicians, social organizers and their publicists, the media, who have countless other agenda driven people carrying forth the Utopian message designed to enslave. I wrote many times before that what we're embracing is not new nor is it a new message, but the people who have not heard it, studied it or lived it, are easily fooled.

My audience is still small and needs to be seeded to regrow year after year, time after time. Freedom and the pursuit of Liberty does not grow on it's own, it needs tending and vigilant care like advised and warned by the writers of our country's foundation. It's of quoted that Benjamin Franklin said: "We founded you a Republic, if you can keep it". No, Mr. Franklin, it seems we could not because as I wrote today on Twitter: "We may be remembered as the highest educated stupid people per square mile in history, who in the end preferred sheepdom to freedom".

I keep reading many who say "2010, 2010 we will take it back". I will be on board, believe me, even though I feel we are on the raft and they're on the cruiser, yet I don't believe for a minute that, what took the socialist hijackers of our country years to achieve will be let go on a whim of an election. I also don't believe that the agenda is finished.

World governance is the phrase being used more and more frequently and seriously by leaders of the world and, in case you are wondering, there is no room for a strong nation of freedom loving people, who know its true meaning, under world governance. To achieve total world governance the agenda must start with no less than the true breakdown of American society to which end we are well on our way now with the countless bills being passed in Congress designed to do the deed.

What we need, NOW, is to halt each and every bill currently in front of Congress. No more passing of any bills without full reading & investigation.

What we need, NOW, is to halt approval of any appointees until we fully examine their intention, clearly in front of Americans. None of the mutual admiration speeches we are currently forced to listen to and no more gutless questions by gutless representatives.

What we need NOW, is no less than a march on Washington to halt the agenda.

What we need NOW, is for millions to wake up before it's too late!

What we need NOW, is that "cold bucket magic" to wake up the lulled, the appeased, and the apathetic.

What we need NOW is for YOU to wake up AMERICANS, before it's too late.

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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Speaking of Taxes, Part V: Tax "Speak" Explained

Welllll, sort of. Fact is I'd probably need as many pages as the tax code to fully explain taxes; and therein lies the rub. Ever since inception, Congress has done nothing but try and fix, simplify, close loopholes in and explain the tax code. That's almost 100 years worth of legalese! Just the sheer enormity of the wasted trees makes me want to report them to the EPA but, alas, the EPA has to be ashamed of their own paper mountain.

Congress writes and passes the tax laws yes, Congress and NOT the President; most of whom don't control their own spending, but know quite well how to increase the balance of their own accounts while decreasing yours. It's the same bunch of people who know how to vote themselves a pay raise, year after year claiming they need it to cover the cost of living increases. They do it just before Christmas recess during which time you're in a charitable mood or are too busy to notice.

Every year they promise to correct the tax laws, loopholes and unjust taxation and each year they increase paper waste. And so they come up with term that challenges the most intelligent among us to understand and like the other laws they enact it's subject to numerous interpretations guaranteeing another tax code correction somewhere down the line.

Since tax information is so much in the news, mainly about how much we should or should not pay, I thought I'd simplify a few terms most confusing to taxpayers as to their true meaning or what Congress is really saying:

Tax Break = If we give you a break, you owe us one so don't hold us accountable.

Tax Cut = Applies only to those who qualify, usually the people who don't have to pay taxes anyway. For the rest of you, a part of your anatomy will be collected to pay for the deficits created giving those tax cuts.

Tax Refund = You lent us your money for free and we spent it already so you should be glad we give it back to you.

Tax Credit = Government Redistribution Program; or those who work more pay for those who don't. This credit should not be confused with a loan like the kind you have to repay with interest.

"Nigh", they say, "It's not us that's keeping it from you, it's the other party who's at fault, so elect us if you wish for that cut and spending cutback!"; and elected they get, time after time. Then once in office, like for poor ole' Charley Brown, Lucy keeps pulling that football. Will we ever learn?

Put simply they don't want to give you a break because that would mean they'd have to tighten their own favorite charity which is their re-election platform entitled: "I brought home the bacon!"

The fortunate part of the Internet is that you can virtually look up anything you want to know. The unfortunate part is that there is a lot of misinformation out there. It is also unfortunate that many who swear they know about who pays most of the tax and swear they know where most of it is spent, don't bother to use the first source of information; the place where the spending takes place and all bookkeeping is kept. In other words how many amongst you are willing to look it up and study the Congressional Budget Office site or http:/www.cbo.gov//budget to get the accurate information. (That is until this last April, going forward I'm almost certain it will be misinformation.)

The main information we are seeking here is the annualized historical budget data entitled Revenues, Outlays, Deficits, Surpluses, and Debt Held by the Public, 1968-2007. Notice it says Held by the Public? That's everyone who works and earns in the USA! And it's the most revealing figure why they need to continue to collect taxes from you and I and it's also the most revealing about why they will never cut spending if they are to survive. "Survival" here means keep the government bureaucracies in place forevermore without which they cannot justify being in office.

In short, they'll never cut taxes really, and they'll never be transparent about them either. In fact they keep passing hidden taxes under such titles as fees, dues, licenses, etc., and you keep paying. It's when you stop paying when they'll start paying attention to you, again.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Speaking of Taxes, Part IV: It's Sheer Torture

Since Congress in focusing so much on inhumane torture being conducted on the captured combat prisoners I thought I'd address the cruelty of an unjust and inhumane treatment by Congress designed to torture us, the taxpayers.

Please consider that age old torture that is called the Chinese Water Torture where a drop of water is dripped at regular intervals on the forehead of the unfortunate victim. The difference between the Chinese Water Torture and Water boarding is that those who administer water boarding can pretty well tell if you are near death but those that administer the drops cannot tell when you will go mad. So, as a victim of water boarding you experience fear of death but as a victim of Chinese water torture you experience actual madness; permanent or temporary depends on your psyche.

Drip. It always amazes me how quickly and easily a new tax is approved. Always cast in a positive light of promises that will be fulfilled once the tax is enacted. They always embellish it and explain how much you need to pay those taxes for the good of you, your offspring and country. They tell you it will pay for all the "needs" that government owes you for paying taxes. Isn't that an oxy-moron? Nevertheless it's indoctrinated into your psyche that without government entitlements, you would not survive.

Drip. It also amazes me how easily taxpayers approve of what Congress does. Why on earth do they re-elect their representatives time after time if that's not the case? It's because the easiness with which tax increases are approved by Congress are also easily embraced by the people electing the representatives who do the deed.

Drip. I can't count the many times I've heard someone say that they are perfectly willing to pay more taxes because it would do good here or there and after all it should be paid for by sinners doing this or that. Of course once enacted, no publicity, no investigation, no light shed on it will reveal the waste nor the corruption behind the spending of it. Deep pockets are available and you will only hear on the topic again when they want to collect more of the same. Unfortunately once a tax code is written, it is never unwritten .. it's rewritten ad-nauseum to help close "loopholes", but like a bell, it will not be un rung.

Drip. Tax or budget cuts on the other hand are never discussed with a positive attitude but always with a threatening one. If we have to cut here/there then you will have to do without this/that which "we" have provided for you. Or we have to cut everywhere (except our perks, pensions and salaries) and you will suffer the consequence. The population is threatened to have their police, firefighter and teachers reduced in their own communities. Never is there serious thought given to reducing government spending.

Drip. When they do finally agree to cut some waste or another, they announce it with such glee: "See, we just "saved" you money! Be thankful to us! Look what we've done for you!" (This done, usually just prior to an election.) Of course out of billions 100mil is a mere pittance, but it's given so much publicity that you are ready to believe that the new saviour has at last arrived.

Drip. What is never emphasized is that tax cuts are notoriously stamped with an expiration date and they are very rarely retroactive but usually put on "next" year's tax cod with a myriad of caveats .

Drip. Now they want to introduce more taxation into the citizens lives. The VAT..or the Value Added Tax. Like all sales taxes will only go up and will never go away.

Drip. Soda Tax. A sinner tax for those that drink that sugar laden beverage.

Drip. Fat Tax? For obese Americans...the thought being they cost more.

Drip. You drive too far/too much tax. The mileage meter tax Oregon introduced.

Drip. Footprint tax. Voluntary so far at San Francisco Airport but I bet it won't be long before it's mandatory. Those smart meters they put on your energy consumption will make sure you get taxed for footprint usage.

Drip. Breathing tax. You're killing the environment by exhaling CO2.

Drip. Preservation tax. To preserve everything except human beings.

Drip. Health tax on top of the already collected Medicare tax. Did you know that initially Medicare was not a separately collected payroll tax? The behemoth gets bigger

Drip. _______- Fill in the blank tax.. Think I'm kidding? The trouble with taxing specialized sinners is that eventually you'll be on the list.

And so it goes Drip. Drip. Drip. It's downright torturous.

The drips have been torturing the taxpayers for a long time and it's going to get much worse so I am seriously wondering when the taxpayers will finally go mad? Believe me, the Government won't let us die because they need us alive to keep paying; but will they be able to predict when we will go totally mad?

Think not.. as the British could not.

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Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Future You Wanted?

I have news for you. The whole idea behind the persecution and the proposed (pushed) prosecution of former legal advisers and leaders of the Bush administration is to stop people from enrolling in such time honored activities as espionage leading to the defense of our freedoms and safety.

Let me expand: by being totally "open" to the world, in other words by revealing our secrets to the world, it leaves open the door of not only the prosecution of our servicemen and servicewomen in the CIA, FBI and other armed services, but also the hatred, the persecution and safety of their existence. It is the calculated way of bringing down anyone who may be doing their job to leave the service for fear of their livelihood if not their very lives. The ones that will replace them will be the "yes" men/women whose job will be in name only. The supposed safety they'll protect will be the safety of the government carrying out our takeover to the fullest measure.

If you think we'll have another honest election in the USA according to the rules of the Constitution, think again. In writing the "Whoever Controls the Media" I pointed out that the Internet is the next media to conquer which has already been conquered to a large extent by this administration with Google on their side, it will be easier. Yes, Google the gathering media that will have any secrets recorded and will happily pass it on to the government agencies that ask, just like they did in China. They refused to reveal child pornographers and molesters during the Bush administration, but when it came to protecting the rights of people in China they folded and turned over information on people that were inquiring and inquisitive about Democracy and the ways of the Republic. Will they do it if Pres. Obama asks? Remember they endorsed Pres. Obama, sit and sat on his advisory board so they know the agenda.

If you really believe that they will not control you by 2010 election time, you better consider all Senate Bill 773 and all the other restrictive parenting bills being pushed fast and furious to turn this country fast to being fully Socialized. I honestly don't believe there's enough time to stop it because the people have elected a virtual monopoly government and they are succeeding in cutting out the other side of all relevant discussions. The current Health Care Bill is the perfect example of this being ram shod into law without due process of the opinion of opposition, nor of people being able to debate its merits and flaws. Nay, without people deciding whether they want it! This power grabbing, people controlling legislation is only the beginning

There's no leadership currently from any front willing to take on this task here and abroad and therefore, we'll go down silently into dust. The only person speaking up is Vaclav Klaus the President of the Czech Republic who they dismiss for being from a small country and because his agenda is the opposite side of this world sweeping move toward oppression. Hear his speech a couple of years back....

Those who lived it, experienced it, lived through it know nothing yet those who write and theorize about how well it will be done this time know everything, according to the media and even according to the current leadership of the European Union. What is said is dismissed totally yet proven correct within minutes in the same Parliament. Read and hear this and tell me our government isn't doing the same as Vaclav Klaus warns.

If you ever wonder how what happened under Hitler could have happened under the noses of honest, caring citizens, you are living it now.. this is how:

  • You believe the way to peace is by being "brought together" under one leader and belief
  • You think the Man should be given a chance.. even after he has proven himself treasonous by revealing secrets to the enemy. Yes, we are still at war with the Taliban!
  • You think what is happening is the result of Bush therefore it will play out to normal after he corrects all the wrongs Bush has done. Blame someone else for our woes syndrome.
  • You think what the man does is weird but OK because he has a right to his opinion. Therefore it's OK that he embraces the likes and ideas of the Weather Underground, Rev Wright, Chavez, idealizes Castro, bows to the Saudi King; yet snubs our ally the Brits by returning Churchill's bust (a gift to the White House not to him).
  • You let him slide on his promises .. especially the one about being able to examine each bill he signs before he signs it to let your voices be heard. Even those who wrote the bills don't have time to read it. Have you spoken up? Has President Obama, Senator Reid or Speaker Pelosi asked for or listened to any opinions?
  • You think you have time
  • You think you have time until the next election.
  • You think you have time....until they knock on your door and silently lead you away to a re-education center; that's when you discover that the CIA, FBI and the Armed Services have turned on their own people and now you are considered the enemy for the reason that you were brought up knowing the original Constitution of the United States of America.
You think I'm too dramatic? Well, maybe. In "Biting the Hand That Feeds" I point out that once control is given, the government does not ask for permission again. It has been proven time and again: just look at the Taxation system, Social Security system, Educational system... etc etc etc. I am sad and angry and have been seeing the steady deterioration for well over a decade. You may think it was in my crystal ball or you can finally hear us: that those who lived it, just know.

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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Whoever Controls the Media

Most of you know as a matter of fact if you studied any history of war, that those who control the media control the nation. Media control was used by everyone during modern day wars as the way to convince a people to any takeover, leadership or control. It's no accident that many coups were actually delivered and done over the radio waves.

Radio as means of communication was masterfully used by Hitler, Churchill and FDR. When the main stream changed to Television, it was mastered by new leaders beginning with JFK, and used well indeed by Reagan. But the difference is that no head of state of central government controlled the media in the USA. Media control in the countries under such leaders as Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Castro and now Chavez has never been experienced here in the USA.....until now.

Those of you who have enjoyed free speech, free media and take it as a matter of course in the USA do not know nor would you recognize if it slowly subtlety changed. But those of us coming from the other side recognize the changes almost immediately. It has been slow and creeping over many years, but now it's obviously controlled and if you listen to more than one source you can still hear the discrepancies, omissions and downright lies as they become more and more daring and predominant.

One of the most obvious clues is when politicians make outrageous and obvious lies yet the media lets it lie. (Pun intended) Other ways you'll notice it when there are obvious omissions of news and the most blatant is when previous news is altered. Another way is when you notice how easily the media dismisses a counter argument to a point, if they air it at all. Recent example is the dismissing of VP Cheney's knowledge about who were briefed about the handling and questioning of captured terrorists, and what results were derived by the Congressional approved torture techniques. The former VP would know more about the subject because he was there than those that were given more media time.

Now we reached and reaching another plateau; one that is the most obvious and most masterful. There's no dispute about President Obama's masterful use of the "new" media: the Internet and specifically social networking during his campaign. Now however he's working overtime to control the rest of the media while others of his circle are fast working on controlling Cyberspace. Witness the recently introduced Senate Bill 773 the Cybernet Security Act of 2009. It is nothing but the most blatant danger to our freedom of speech, freedom of thought and privacy.

This Senate Bill is being pushed to be passed quickly and implemented in a year. Please read it and please do work to stop it. It creates a "Cyber Police" bureaucracy under the guise that we need it to protect our infrastructure but it goes far beyond that. It will allow regulation, unlawful spying and give power to shut down all or parts of the Internet on a moments notice on top of which it creates a neighborhood Cyberspace watch program.

You may wonder why such hurry to implement something so invasive and you need not look far. 2010 is touted to be one of the most important midterm elections for the Senate and House the control of the Internet could play a large role in distribution and availability of information on all candidates as they become more savvy in the usage of it. Remembering that this truth is not lost on the President nor should it be lost on you:


The Cybernet IS the new media!

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Monday, April 20, 2009

Captain Phillips Who Should You Thank?

Read it through and weep for the Navy Seals
True heroes as they are, they never receive credit.
Yet put again in harms way more dangerous than need be,
And ruled by a man in the White House, who we should all question his loyalty.


Friday, March 6, 2009

Prop 8 My Vote

Years back as a professional photographer, I was asked to photograph a gay wedding. In a church. Surprised? You shouldn't be. In a legal sense of the word, it was not a marriage but in a commitment and religious sense of that church, it was. The word "Marriage" is really a religious word and in a country that believes in separation of church and state, Proposition 8 should stay as elected by the voters.

The problem with disallowing Proposition 8 in California is that it will eliminate the separation between church and state and if you force marriage between people to be done by all churches, you are in essence eliminating that separation because it dictates to religious institutions what they must do and eliminates choice and individual belief.

Truth is that in California, the Legislative body has passed a tax law several years back that allows registered domestic partners to file taxes jointly, giving them the same benefits as "married filing jointly". In addition the State Legislature has been enforcing companies to give same benefits to registered domestic couples.

Becoming a "registered domestic partner" in California is easy and it will stand whether Proposition 8 is upheld or not. Having the same legal rights as domestic partners does not require a religious wedding but a religious wedding can be celebrated in churches that allow such. Therefore as in any union joining together only requires a commitment between two people and if you believe in the separation of church and state as I do, you will also agree that Proposition 8 should stand.

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Monday, February 23, 2009

Speaking of Taxes, Part III: It's Your Taxes, Updated

Since the seem to be magic number in this administration of who's rich is $250,000.00 and since this administration thinks those who earn that much and more should pay more, let's look the facts.

Using my previous 2006 model, because it has the latest and most updated data, in my previous article we saw that those having AGI earnings of $31,987.00 or more (top 50%) paid 97.1% of total individual income taxes collected.

So let's take it further; anyone who had AGI $108,904.00 or more income were in the top 10% of earners in 2006 and paid 70.79% of all individual income tax revenue.

Further we break it down to the top 5% of all taxpayers starts at above $153,542.00 paying 60.14% and the top 1% starting at $388,806.00 paying 39.89% of 100% of income taxes paid in 2006.

Which means that earners above that $31,987.00 mark and below $108,904.00 mark represented 40% of all individual tax payers and paid a total of 26.22% of individual tax revenue and coupled with the bottom 50% paying 2.99%, equals 29.21% of individual income taxes collected in 2006 were paid by the 90% of all taxpayers.

Now you may think that earning $108,904.00 is the definition of rich, and for most of the country that may be true.. but regardless of that, they certainly pay far more proportion of the income tax collected by our government than any other group.

Further, the top 1% pays even more disproportionally than any other group because consider that in 2006 the total number of returns in the top 1% group was 1,357,192 paying 39.89% as opposed to the bottom 99% at 134,361,968 tax returns filed paid 60.11%

Break that down to each individual and you see that the top 1% paid on the average $300,893 per return as opposed to the bottom 99% paying an average of $4580 per return. So if you argue that the rich should pay more, I must argue back that they already are and that they have for far more years than visa-versa. If you doubt it, do the math.

Now perhaps contrary to the popular belief, I happen to know that most people in the top brackets don't mind paying income taxes but they do resent the notion that they don't pay their fair share. They also have a very healthy philosophy on the subject that probably all could remember: being that you don't pay taxes on earnings you don't make, paying taxes means that you made money and not lost it. Of course if we keep rewarding those that don't work with "refundable credits" we will increase the population that takes rather than pays and shift further the burden of tax paying on those that do work, regardless of where they are on the ladder.

Keep shifting that burden to the top and you have individuals as well as companies tempted and able to leave the country reducing the revenue to the country and creating a drop in the GDP as well that may never be recovered. Of course there's another more dangerous possibility that of creating another "tea party".

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Friday, February 20, 2009

Speaking of Taxes, Part II: It's Your Taxes

Did you know that in 2006 the IRS collected a RECORD (2nd year in a row) total tax revenue (individual and corporate) of $2,518,680,230,000? Did you really believe that we were in a recession when unemployement was at 4.4%? Can't collect record taxes unless there are record earnings.

Broken down that means that: Corporate revenues were $1,282,420,859,000 and Individual revenues were $1,236,259,371,000. Did you really believe that corporations don't pay any taxes?

Did you know that in 2006, 50% of all individual taxpayers paid 2.99% of total income tax revenue collected by IRS?

Which means, that 97.01% was paid by the other 50% or those earning AGI $31,987 or more;

And the top 10% earners, with minimum of AGI $108,904 earnings, paid 70.79% of the total collected individual income tax revenue.

Which means that those who paid 2.99% are totally beholden to those who paid the rest. So when those in the lower 50% who ask for more services, namely entitlements, handouts & credits, from the "the government" are really asking the other 50% to pay more taxes.

Which also means that your Representatives in Congress and your President who give and promise the entitlements, credits and services are demanding that the top 50% pay more.

Any questions?
Stand by for more ...

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sources: http://www.irs.gov/ http://www.taxfoundation.org/

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Khrushchev Must Be Laughing

Today's signing of the Stimupork bill was nothing short of a spectacle drawn from the Soviet propaganda machine handbook.

From start to finish, the theatrics were all there, the urgent need to "save the economy and the USA" with this bill were reinforced yet again; as were the sweet misleading lies veiled in smiles. The only thing missing from the pomp and circumstance were the children greeting with flowers, and of course the never ending applause in full unison, but I'm sure they will include those next time.

The mutual adoration speeches were given along with the obligatory everyday "worker comrade", who in this case is a small business owner, willing to say whatever was in front of him in his fervent, adoring belief that it was all true. Just think of his disbelief that he even got to introduce the "man" himself! Imagine his proud moment while he advised us that his business and his workers will be saved because of this bill and how he will be able to hire many more workers as a result of this bill.

So what is this bill all about? Has he read the bill? Has anyone? CAN anyone read 1100 pages in four days and fully analyze it's content? Not even the Congress that put it together in committee could read it before they voted. In other words we have another almost trillion $ debt with no one knowing exactly how it will be distributed and repaid.

And everyone was smiling
All the while the markets were tanking.

And Khrushchev was laughing: "I told you so"!

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Monday, February 16, 2009

Don't Use the "C" Word

Chavez won dictatorship in Venezuela. Can the USA be far behind? Judging with what's happened last week in Congress, I'd say not. No one is alarmed.

Russia paid a visit couple of months back to them and probably trained Chavez well. They also played war games together with Cuba. No one is alarmed.

California Congresswoman Maxine Waters lets the cat out of the bag last year by slipping a threat to the oil company execs about nationalization which she is currently happy to extend to the banks. No one cares.

Senator Obama openly advocates the redistribution of wealth during his Presidential campaign and despite open debate on the subject. Everyone cheers.

Yet people say to me: "Don't use the C word." "People turn off to it." they tell me

I ask you.. if I don't use the "C" word now, when it is appropriate and when the system is just setting up and when I can still voice it out loud, then when can I?

Will I be able to use it during the night while you are being taken in for questioning?

Will I be able to use it when my children are around after they'd been indoctrinated at school to listen and let the teacher know what their parents are saying at home?

Will I be able to say it to any friends when we're together in a group without fear of one of them reporting me?

Will I be able to say it while I'm marched off to a re-education center?

As this government is setting up more and more social programs to control every aspect of your everyday life, you better start naming the unmentionable.. the very word you don't want me to use for fear of being called a .. what? Can they call me by any worse words than they already have during the past administration while they were setting up for this change?

Many don't and can't believe that it could happen in the USA but consider that this change has been happening slowly over the years and has not shown it's agenda blatantly until this past year. The subtle changes that have already occurred were easy to excuse until one realizes that they've already given more ground than necessary for the coup to be a success.

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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Bring It All Home Part II

That government is printing money at a record pace now is in the news, that they were printing money all along these past decades is somehow forgiven and forgotten. We have not arrived at this point in a heartbeat, we arrived here in a lifetime and all along we were feeling good about our lives not worrying about how and where without production, we could be so prosperous.

No many wanted to look at the truth as most still don't wish to acknowledge that no bailout will work. The only way we'll save ourselves is by again becoming self reliant. Folding up our sleeves and working to produce our own consumption and not waiting for the government to provide the jobs, because government will only get you into deeper debt.

We have to come to terms that we owe the world a great deal of money, just like they owed us after WWII, which many did not repay. We may not be so forgiven by the countries we borrowed from; In fact I will guarantee that our debt will not be forgiven because their own existence is dependent on us being able to consume and print more.

We have to come to terms with the fact that unless we educate our students to do other things besides service and business administration & law, we will continue to have to export jobs to countries and people willing to study engineering, science, mathematics and do labor. (Did you know that only about 10% of the current American student population is interested in those majors?) We also have to come to terms with the fact that labor unions can't hold companies hostage for a lifetime building their debt with crippling retirement benefits and demands that put them into bankruptcy.

We have to let go of sponsored retirement and health care benefits that just line the pockets of those in insurance and government and allow increasing costs from deep pockets all the while decreasing quality.

We have to come to realize that government sponsored help, be it welfare or benefits do nothing but produce dependence hence they cripple the very economy they are trying to save. No one wants to invest in dependence except your elected officials who depend on our dependence on government to be re-elected. Therefore, it's a losing proposition for anyone wishing to be independent because eventually the country runs out of money to support the dependents but of course along the way the economy has long been at a standstill. Besides which, companies run by government bureaucrats are not a compelling investement prospect.

In order to have a thriving economy you need independent people willing to make it on their own. The USA was build by people who took a great deal of pride and interest in taking care of themselves and as they did, they grew a country stronger than any other in history but somewhere along the way wishing for comfort and feeling entitled perhaps, we the people started to slack off and like in the days in Rome, decided that it was easier to import than to make. Draw your own conclusion where that led; like for Rome, too far an expansion, and home is soon forgotten.

There is no where in the Constitution of the USA that says it is up to the government to create jobs for you. Yet they all act as if that is the sole reason for their existence; alas it is however the very thing that will make you more dependent on them. In order to survive and become strong again, we have to kick their collective butts to stay out of our lives and our search for self determination.

Here is the definition for a word we all should remember every day; a word whose origin dates to around 1680: self-de⋅ter⋅mi⋅na⋅tion   –noun

1. determination by oneself or itself, without outside influence.

2. freedom to live as one chooses, or to act or decide without consulting another or others.

3. the determining by the people of the form their government shall have, without reference to the wishes of any other nation, esp. by people of a territory or former colony.

Pay attention especially to #3. I know it seems an impossible task, but it must be made a compelling task if we are to survive without being owned by and made slaves by our debt.

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Monday, January 26, 2009

Advocating Genocide?

Enough is enough... don't you see it? Is this the way German's marched to a dictator, not heeding the writing on the wall? Are we the next nation to commit mass genocide? Are we so numbed by political correctness that we cannot speak out loudly against an advocate of a practice that is akin to murder?

Yes, I'm speaking about Pelosi and her blatantly stupid statement that the control of our population is the way to save on costs. Is she really saying: "I have my life, I don't wish to share taxpayers money with those you bring into the world!" and is that not height of greed?

This from a woman who supports PETA ! The very same people who probably would and will agree with her. "Reduce humans, save animals" will probably be the next accepted slogan out there.

Abortion for population control is not the way to go. At first it was mercy killing of the feeble minded, and the psychologically disturbed people by the Nazi's in Germany. Mandatory abortion was also part of that regime for people who did not meet the qualifications of the "proper" race. Contrary to popular belief, they killed others prior to massacring Jews and everyone looked the other. Is that what you really want, Pelosi? Is that what we the people of the USA are ready to accept?

I, along with I'm sure many others, certainly hope not!

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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Speaking of Taxes, Part I : Global Euphoria Is In!

The future is here! Global Euphoria is in! All other thoughts are anomalies. Fascinating isn't??

Some 3 years ago, unemployment was at a low, incomes were at the highest, even higher than 1999/2000 during the dot com tax revenue collection, and yet the economy according to the news broadcasts was BAD. Everyone was using the "R" word (for recession) and Congress was trying to have the Administration admit it. Listening to the TV reports then was like being in a different country than I was reading about. In those days I was deep into news headlines and reports reading roughly 2000+ headlines daily and many of which I read in depth as to the story. I was also deep into keeping people out of tax hell, something I continue do.

The reality was that tax revenues were at an all time high from all sources, which continued to tax year 2007. Three years of record high tax revenues collected from individuals and from corporations that was hardly noticed if reported at all by the media. How can it be so if we were in such bad economy? You don't pay taxes on borrowed money, you don't get to deduct interests on loans other than your mortgage and yet.. record tax revenues went not only to the federal government but to states as well. So how come they're broke? It's simple, because they spent it like drunken sailors who think the next paycheck is only 2 weeks away and they have no care in the world. That's the group you've entrusted with your hard earned dollars to be responsible about your well being and assure your future.

That is precisely how most of the Congress talks and walks. Correction: they talk as if they're kids in their first year away at college and they act as if there's more where that came from so what the hey.. let's whoop it up! Well, no more I hope. They won't notice that they're slowly strangling the golden goose, selling the cow and forgetting what came from both. Of course now that the revenue is reduced, they can think of only one way to solve this catastrophe and that is to raise taxes! The rich should pay! You can tell by what they do that they hold themselves guiltless for what has emerged as the greatest economic catastrophe since the 1970's. NOT DEPRESSION as so many would like to scare you with.

Yet scared you should be because the 1970's and early 1980's were no pretty years: 9.9% unemployment, 18-20% mortgage interest rates, not to mention record property taxes in California, plus high inflation. Ohhhh goodies.. just what we want again.. right? But hey remember: 4% unemployment was bad, inflation below 3% was bad, mortgage interest rates were bad at below 6% according to your media. It's what they were selling as a bad economy. We were all living in the streets homeless the way the media painted it.

My point is that if you don't think things through for yourself, you can be made to believe anything. So next time you're told to feel euphoric about an event or to feel morose about another, please take the time to check it out. Most likely than not, as with the markets, it's just an opinion based in fact .. or not.

What's been created is a government that on every level will reach into your pocket at every opportunity for your "greater good" to which you said: "Yes we can!"!!

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Sources: http://cbo.gov/

Monday, January 19, 2009

Global Warming or Ice Age Threat. Again? Oh My!!!

Is it time to pray for global warming?

Report just released by the Russian Government, contains overwhelming evidence that earth is on the verge of another Ice Age. Ice age threat revisited 1975? We've been here before 4 times at least in the last century with alarmists on both sides.

Of course it makes not and ounce of difference how wrong the alarms of the past were as our Federal, State and Local Governments along with the U.N. are now steadfast on a big mission to spend millions of our $$$ to prevent "Global Warming" aka "Climate Change".

Yet, I've always said Ice Age is a bigger threat to our existence than Sunshine. During the middle ages temperature rose and our coasts were not underwater, England could grow grapes and Greenland was actually green and people were not starving as they will in even a minor ice covering. In fact there's a strong argument that the global cooling following the warm period, dubbed the "Little Ice Age", was the main cause for the Bubonic Plague. I wonder if they'll bring out the drill when our corn crops are under several feet of ice, cotton and wool hard to come by, not to mention wheat!

So please take time to read the research and take time to think; otherwise you'll be taxed just for breathing if the U.N. has its way.

We certainly need to rely on data that is more than 60 years old and even more than 400 years old, in order to get some idea that this planet has it's own life cycle regardless of the species inhabiting it. In the end however, as in this current crazy debate, ignoring the cycle of sunspots will lead to further folly in our rush to "fix" the climate.

I've a feeling that the Universe has more control than we, for certain, and it still may have some tricks up its sleeve we've yet to notice.

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