Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A Christmas Wish to Honor

If there is one recurring message in all posts that I read, consciously or unconsciously intended, is that rules need to be honored. In this society that we have created the past decades, rules and laws have been pushed to the absolutes with definitions defying the most logician. No wonder we need teams of lawyers, or shall I say one attorney with a team of interpreters, to decipher any law. They are looking for infinite number of interpretations to fool anyone willing to forget that rules are rules, laws are laws and societies actually thrive better in environments where they are honored.

Like with children, set up an environment where boundaries are not marked and held, and you have chaos in the family but what is worse is that the child then goes and creates chaos outside the family in schools and any structured activity as long as those places too will allow the dishonoring of rules. On the other hand, a child raised with clear boundaries and taught to honor laws of the past and present, will most likely grow up to be a contributor to society adding value and not chaos into lives they touch. Not to mention the family unity is a happier one.

Although the argument that part of growth is the kicking out and testing boundaries, it is also true that taking it too can destroy more than it creates. These are generally known as unintended consequences, although lately I'd argue about the intention. Conscious or unconscious deliberate complication it is known to create, therefore even if the "what" is unknown, the intention is to create the chaos intentional complications introduce.  So what are intentional complications?

Any bill introduced by Congress more than 10 pages long, in my humble opinion will define it well.  The new rules that follow 2000 pages of new legislature are not real rules. They are intended chaos to cover up rules that are not honored, like the dishonoring of our Constitution of the USA.

So, my Christmas Wish this year is to honor, the rules and laws that are simple and have always been true. The 10 Commandments of the Bible, the 10 amendments known as the  Bill of Rights, and  lives yet to be born.

In addition, simple courtesies such as a "Hello", "Goodbye",  "Please" and "Thank You" convey honor about the person toward another and are infinitely more effective than the expletive terms used by so many in  public, on media, and even amongst friends and families.

I would venture a guess that if everyone of us read and then used such simplicity, our society would actually thrive once more without the cry for more regulations and rules to regulate the new regulations and rules.

In honor of you, my friends and family, known and unknown readers, I thank you and wish you a
Very Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The End As We Know It

Yesterdays reversal of the on again off again recession is not amusing anymore. In fact I think it deliberately planned to confuse. There is nothing good coming out of a government that act stupidly but knows exactly what it's doing. Yes, that statement is intentional.

While we're trying to figure out what the heck they're doing and why, they are cunningly undermining all arms of the free market. Signs are everywhere, but so many seemingly disconnected for confusion, so the straight line is difficult to draw.

Eroded have been: property rights (Eminent Domain, Supreme Court), water rights, agriculture, health care rights, just to name the more recent ones. But if that is not enough, what is coming next, is what should worry you more.

I believe all pieces are in place and this government is confident in it's victory to dis assemble the American Constitution finally and ultimately. No one appoints so many cabinet "czars" with powers above Congress unless their intent is doing exactly what I said. I'd like to believe that no Congress no matter how stupid would actually pass laws they know little or nothing about without coercion. If they did, then they signed their own ineffective futures. I've said as much in previous posts, but now it all is coming together is a package I think we'd rather not receive.

While we're worried about tax cuts and housing starts, they are making sure that our dollar is worth less so we will end up on a more equal plane with the rest of the world. Remember that the master currency manipulator, Soros, is very much involved with this government in many areas.

Initially quietly in it's background funding the organizations like for the purpose of causing mistrust, and unrest under the Bush administration then later to infiltrate is help dis organize organizations by spreading fear and mistrust. Soros now is funding many different organizations all to assist the current government.  But the most dangerous besides the currency manipulation is his education foundation of which I have known since the  early 1990's.

Through this foundation children will be taught to be good and obedient followers of the totalitarian government being put into place. Subtle to it's core, most parents will not have a clue until the food or garbage police will come knocking because the children reported the bad behavior of their parents. Then, you will know fear like the rest of the world has known but it will be Americans turn to realize at that moment what they have voted away, given up, which they utterly thought ridiculous when warned about.

I no longer care to label it because it's a waste of time. I don't think this election will matter. Remember that Congress is no longer effective or important, except for keeping a face on until it's not needed. Otherwise the administration would be far more concerned about the outcome.

What should worry you is that I don't even think there will be a another presidential election except for show.

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Monday, September 13, 2010

Technology and Logic

How far have we come in our evolution is really stunning when looking at technicals and their ability to assist us in connecting not only across the globe but farther into the Universe than ever before. It is truly magnificent when one contemplates it, but it's also truly very humbling when one realizes how little we really know.

Each advance seems to give us more yet it in my opinion it takes a lot more away. We, instead of growing and expanding ourselves with more knowledge, now rely on knowledge being fed to us without study. We believe a lot more advertisings without question, and what is more, we tend to rely and demand that others protect us from our lack of knowing and our lack of logic.

Take for example, the recent decision by Toyota to add engine noise to the Prius for the reason that many pedestrians are surprised that there is a car approaching as they step off the curb. (kind of like adding noise pollution when we achieved reducing it) Logical? I don't know about your neck o'woods but in mine even with engine noise, most pedestrians sorely lack the art of looking prior to stepping off the curb. It is not a new phenomenon, it has been the norm for quite a long time in fact. Mostly due to the drummed in knowledge that pedestrians have the "right of way". Of course, it makes no logical sense that they not look; yet still they mostly do not. Add to it the wonderful world of cell phones to the ear and even better, the ability to text while they walk, and viola, engine noise or not, they walk off the curb expecting the car to be able to stop at their presence.

The media, with serious "logic" then announce on the evening news, after a pedestrian is hit,  that drivers need to be more careful when pedestrians are present and never mention that perhaps pedestrians need to practice the age old logic of stopping, looking both ways, before stepping off the curb. Of course it's too late for the poor pedestrian who was injured or worse, and the unfortunate driver at fault or not. The lawyers will battle out the fault logical or not.

Well, I could go on, but I think many will get the point that technology does not make us smarter, but only more vulnerable to traps of comfort. One day we may wake up from our stupor realizing that we now happily accept being told what to do, what we can have, how we should eat, how we should dress, where we can throw our garbage, how much water we should consume, what size living space we can have, how much fat, where we can go, what we can drive....

Oh, I just realized, we are already there.

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Monday, September 6, 2010

Laborers as Capitalists

Which laborer scenario would you choose as a worker? One that will allow you to excel given your input and talent or one that will allow you to be like everyone else and get paid for what you and they do, as you go?

Behind the labor movement, I think that is the most encompassing question. I have no doubt that mankind, who are not allowed to excel, will not reach their potential and I have no doubt that there are those who do not care, but maybe because they don't truly understand what labor is.

Truth is we are all laborers: be it those who work for ourselves or those who work for others. Labor is at the core of making any business viable. A business cannot survive without the output of hard work and I can bet you that every mom and pop or large corporation, looking far enough back to it's beginnings will have at the core, hard working laborers. The trouble is, that the media, be it in books, or documentary form, tend to concentrate on their big success and not the steps it took to achieve it. They tend to gloss over the hard days, the days that it takes every ounce of will to continue the labor and the quest for success.

Labor produces; be it on a farm, in a factory or at a desk. I labor every day doing what I do and I bet everyone does who puts in a minute of time into what they earn money with. Even the homeless who stand at freeway on ramps and exits with their sign do labor. But labor does not equate to money and those that have told you it does or should, have done a great disfavor to most.

The truth is that labor earns, but it does not always earn money. It can earn food for a farmer/gardener, it can earn the product for a inventor/fixer, it can earn audience for an entertainer, but does that mean they will be able to go to the bank with it? NO. Does it mean that all labor is rewarded by riches? NO. Does it mean that all who labor should be paid? NO.

That last one will probably raise shackles with many, but perhaps they miss the point. Labor is done for itself or better put, for the laborer, because there are two things we all earn in doing our labor: survival and satisfaction. Two very powerful motivators. A mother and teacher labors for their children. The entrepreneur labors over developing an idea.  People all over the world labor daily for the food they eat if they are lucky. Some labor to sell their goods for return of money, but the labor is not paid in that case, it's the product that the labor produces which is what earns the money. All done for survival and satisfaction.

This is where most Unions and Socialists miss the mark. They tell you equal pay for equal work, which at the base is impossible, but even if it were true, human beings compete at every level of existence, and what they offer is a homogenized version of self, where pocketbook may be satisfied but not the soul. Is it not why workers measure everything by their earnings rather than their achievements? Do people go to work with them to earn money or to earn satisfaction?

And therein lies again the reason why all laborers are at the core, capitalists. We all, every one of us, after all that hard labor wish to get the most for what we produce, and rather than pitting one against the other, laborer vs owner, it's time to realize we are all doing the same thing and wishing to achieve the same goal: Success at the level of satisfaction which only our own labor of love can receive.

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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Capitalism as Virtue

Wall Street has been a long time target for those who wish the world to think that they are full of the rich who only want to get richer at the cost of the poor. Since Enron however, it has escalated new heights with call to oust the "greedy" & the "rich"; and there has been a "witch" hunt akin to a Stalinist purge led by Eliot Spitzer as New York State's Attorney General,  in his early years, but who listened to me?

Certainly Madoff did not help in the matter, but truth be known and really examined in any business, the good  outnumber the bad.  Truth also be known, all businesses are capitalist; in other words, they are doing it to make money for themselves. The other truth is, that so are the workers and it is the truth that many wish not to admit, but the recognition of this is very important if we are to survive the biggest onslaught of anti-capitalism since Marxism first raised it's ugly head.

The fact that all humans are capitalists at the core, and the recognition of it by the forefathers of this nation,  is the reason this country became the fastest growing and the strongest one since the Republic was established.  The opportunity to make the best and be the best at anything one chooses is the motivator and it is also the multiplier of more opportunity. There is no denying that out of innovation, inspiration grows and opportunity becomes evident, leaving only one missing ingredient: daring.  Daring to succeed.  In sum you have the recipe that makes the dough rise, pun intended.

This recipe is the truth for worker or business owner alike, and at once the best rose to the top regardless of stature. Workers became recognized for their mastery of a craft just as much as business owners flourished when they produced the best.  No better place than to look to Hollywood or sport teams for this example, but also look to Wall Street.

Unlike in Hollywood or on the sports field, more workers are able to partake in capitalism on Wall Street than anywhere else. They can benefit in the riches of many businesses through investments just as much as business owners can. They are the most basic capitalist system by being mutually invested in the success of a company. It is this truth however, which is hated the most by Marxists who have been  vigorously publicizing the opposite with much success.

Pitting one against the other by making one good the other evil in definition has divided many societies in history resulting in unfortunate and deadly consequences. The rich vs. poor, fortunate vs. unfortunate, farmer vs.worker, manager vs labor, CEO vs investor, where it succeeded, has been the main ingredient for taking control and suppressing  freedom. Unfortunately it has also succeeded here in the USA with the greatest speed during the past decade, culminating in the fastest, most powerful changes to freedoms enacted by the politicians currently ruling this country.

You see, while you were busy hating your partner in success,  this administration grabbed your freedom and started controlling your life.  Proving yet again that there are no bigger greedy capitalists than the likes of those who wish to suppress your freedoms and control your choices: Communists, Socialists, Progressives, Marxists, Dictators all fit this definition, although they may masquerade as Democrats and Republicans. The battle that you may have had to fight for better wages under a capitalist free market system in this Republic, are nowhere near as difficult, hard or deadly, as the battle you will have to fight for the freedoms, choices or your life; but to recognize that, you will first have to admit that you, like all humans, are capitalists at heart.

Then, and only then, will you be able to defeat the social capitalists in the Capital and purge their power grabbing, entitlement rich arrogance out of the system and hold the Constitution as the law of the land once again.

When you become willing to fight for the best you can be, and be willing to defend your right to fight, will you be able to receive the best fortune. With capitalism there are no guarantees that you will succeed, there is only the guarantee that you may try.

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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

See No Evil

I'd like to think that we, a species that has become more visual than intellectual, would see more clearly when presented with evidence in pictures. Alas, that is not the case and it cannot be. Why? It's because pictures lie.

Even before today's digital image creators and alternators, pictures could tell a lie. It was used by many, painter and photographer, to alter story or to create an illusion whether innocent or deliberate. But I submit that lying through pictures deliberate or not, can be evil, and evil promoting. Like it or not.

Erasing live electrical wires from a scenery to make it look more pretty is still a lie but, depending on the message, we can forgive the creator for the omission. Erasing historical fact, on the other hand, in order to drive the delusion of a reality which did or did not happen is an evil lie, because it denies people their existence. It was and is "free speech" they will tell you, it's their right to show what they see, so what they "see" they can express anyway they want to because it's "their truth" they say, so lump it. But by swallowing that bit of lump you are in part conspiring in the story, and are part of the evil which spreads the lie.

To say that you don't believe that there were and are murderous dictators despite the historical and photographic evidence, is one thing. To erase, alter or destroy those photographs and rewrite history because it does not show what you want, is denying the existence of people who lived and suffered and had a story of their own. In other words, it's a denial of their free speech. The picture of death is truth. To deny that death and violence was caused by a person or a group of people, by destroying, altering or by not publishing the evidence is an evil lie.

The strength of a totalitarian government is made possible especially by the willing collusion of the media, which perpetuates the evil lie. I present to you that we have come to the point where NO media is trustworthy of showing the truth. You have to check all facts and you have to investigate every visual effect you see, and search for ones which are not shown, to get the total picture of what is happening.

We are already bearing witness to the lies when the media refuses to tell or present evidence of truth from both sides.  Leaders of the media are especially to blame as they are the primary drivers of what is published and certainly have an agenda of evil if they don't present both sides. "Free speech" allows for expression of things as we see them, but it does not excuse willing biased presentation. I am sure there are plenty of journalists available and eager to present another view but are denied their "free speech" by the very same media which allows the lie to continue therefore encouraging ... Speak No Evil

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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Hear No Evil

We are so smart, we all like to think, we will know what is happening and when we are in danger. Haven't we learned it from our parents? Be careful of strangers especially when they offer you sweets. "Sure Mom, Dad of course we won't" was our answer and off we went forgetting the warning the minute the door slammed behind us. Parents, being who they are, fretted over our safety but knew that they could do nothing once out of site, and could only hope that the words spoken would be remembered at the crucial time; and many times we did, but then, we grew up.

Then, we forgot. As young adults, we think we know better than anyone before us and we begin to criticize what passed before and we think that everything needs correcting and think we think we can do what others before us did not. Or at least that is what some with the candy whisper in our ear, lecture in classrooms, shout from podiums, write in newspapers, declare on news stations and whisper in our ears. So, we succumb and take that piece of sweet; we know it will be only the one piece.

In this way we were lured to elect a man to be our leader, who spoke to us with sweet words and criticized what we criticized and said he knew what to do to correct it and our children said "Hurrah" and "at last"! We heard no evil behind those sweet words of hope and change.

"What will one piece of "sweet" harm?", we justify, while we also know that one piece leads to another, then another, and then we are captured and forced to take what comes next, like it or not we are now a statistic where we lose our individuality and become a number in the scheme where the next step is dictatorship and we are normalized into thinking that we now must ..... See No Evil

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Monday, February 15, 2010

President's Day

When is the last time you read the Constitution of the USA? How long will it take you to read it again or for the first time? It's written in English and did not have to be translated from German, Russian or Chinese.

Today is not President's Day, Well, not really. When I first arrived in America, the USA celebrated two President's birthdays. Lincoln's on February 12th, Friday usually as I recollect, and Washington's on February 22nd. It was later changed to only one day supposedly to save a day of school for our children or perhaps to give us a permanent 3 day holiday, but whatever the reason, I feel the celebration of both men went by the wayside as a result.

I revere George Washington's Birthday today because he was the first President and for no other reason. I think we should remember and celebrate him for his exceptional leadership and exceptional humility being the first President of our nation. If you wish to be convinced of either of those reasons, just read the first parts of his farewell address.

At the end of Washington's term as president, there were people willing to throw away all that he fought for, by declaring him King. Did you know that? Which proves that we have been fighting for our freedom from the conception of our Declaration of Independence to the ratification of the US Constitution to this moment in time today.

If you ever thought that we can sit and just be at peace, it is the biggest glass of KoolAid you have ever consumed. Not one, absolutely not one species in existence can afford to think that or they'd be taken out of existence not by big bad humans, but by their own. Survival of the species is so strong that tolerance is limited. Yes, every species on earth has enemies within and without. George Washington refers to it in warning, looking to the future, in his farewell speech.

Every mammal, insect, or plant life, & microcosmic species, knows of survival and it's need of eternal vigilance, except the human it seems, and of them only a small fraction who happen to be the biggest developers of comfort. Interesting, don't you think? Reality is that there are always others ready to take your "comfort", "safety" "freedom" and "life" from you. Let it be for just one minute without your vigilance and you'll find your bank account empty, your house occupied and your family strewn across lands or consumed by illness. The fact is you are always fighting for your life and the US Constitution is your biggest weapon in one of those battles.

So, are you ready to fight for and defend the freedom true to the US Constitution? Read it first. It will take about 30 minutes of reading and a lifetime of study to absorb and revere the wisdom within those pages. Knowledge is your weapon, don't just believe what is being told you, research it, study it and become the voice. Read about the powers that were afforded to each arm of our government. Ask yourself who is usurping those powers today because they are the enemies of your freedom and survival.

Toward this, let me quote one part of President Washington's farewell speech:
19 Towards the preservation of your government, and the permanency of your present happy state, it is requisite, not only that you steadily discountenance irregular oppositions to its acknowledged authority, but also that you resist with care the spirit of innovation upon its principles, however specious the pretexts. One method of assault may be to effect, in the forms of the constitution, alterations, which will impair the energy of the system, and thus to undermine what cannot be directly overthrown. In all the changes to which you may be invited, remember that time and habit are at least as necessary to fix the true character of governments, as of other human institutions; that experience is the surest standard, by which to test the real tendency of the existing constitution of a country; that facility in changes, upon the credit of mere hypothesis and opinion, exposes to perpetual change, from the endless variety of hypothesis and opinion; and remember, especially, that, for the efficient management of our common interests, in a country so extensive as ours, a government of as much vigor as is consistent with the perfect security of liberty is indispensable. Liberty itself will find in such a government, with powers properly distributed and adjusted, its surest guardian.

Those who are unwilling to educate themselves are too weak and will succumb, and those who are strong in knowledge will prevail.

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Thursday, January 28, 2010


Not many things render me speechless, so count the speech of President Obama last night as a rare occurrence. I'm sure it won't last for long I'll absorb first however today's market reaction; and the World's view, of which I can only guess two. Either total dismissal of our President as a statesman, in other words he'll be viewed as ineffective therefore inconsequential from here forward, or he'll be viewed as an anomaly in the world of USA governments and tolerated for his eccentricities allowing for a possible further embrace of his views and agenda.

Although the markets will have an immediate reaction, for Thursday, it has to be coupled with the Fed's announcement and other possible news and profits projections or damages looking forward. It is interesting times we live in, indeed, it's feels somewhat "Chaplinesque."

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Thursday, January 21, 2010

First it was "big bad" CEOs now it's "big bad" Banks

The way to nationalization and the breakdown of capitalism is to make sure that someone or entities, the masses can't relate to, is made evil.

The "masses" meaning people who have no clue how the "rich" got prosperous, how the big companies got that way, or how financial markets work, are easily misled with just a few sound bites of blame. Repeated repeated and repeated over again, it catches attention and is soon believed.

Have you noticed how some people get re-tweeted over and over again? It means that their sound bites of 140 letters are agreed with, they are in sentiment of the re-tweeter or, friends just are in habit of re-tweeting. Soon enough the more popular the tweeter, the more they get re-tweeted. I wonder how many re-tweeters go to the trouble of research. (I'll leave that to some researcher to follow.) On the whole I would bet that it's like the main stream media of the past 2 decades. There is less and less research, and more instant reporting of often unfounded "facts" presented as facts. Just "sounds true" opinion being given to the masses.

The masses, pass on information without research on the most part and like the famous saying by a favored Marxists, "a lie repeated often enough becomes truth to the masses" which makes most of them "useful idiots". That is exactly what is going on today. Sorry I mean no disrespect. I am not only sure, but I am positive that I too have been part of the problem as some point or another. (The women's movement comes to mind, of which I was very guilty.) But I hope I have mended my ways in my wiser years. I will repeat a favorite musician's quote, which he graciously let me post on my blog, "Youth speaks at length, while age edits" - Jeremy Denk 09/19/08

It is exactly what we need now.. editing.. very wise editing before we lose it and loosen our grip on our freedoms even more.

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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Let the Fallout Begin

No, I'm not going to talk about the election, it's consequences or make predictions. I've voiced that already. The fallout I refer to is the reverberations we shall begin to experience as the results and it's implications get absorbed and then explode into the atmosphere. The fallout shall permeate everything, everyone, everywhere.

Perhaps this result is again a shot which will be heard around the world, but rest not, for there is always someone ready to snatch victory from your grasp and abscond with your liberty.

Waiting is a huge behemoth created by Congress; a Health Care $Bill$ of great $cost$ and unknown proportions, for which the taxation has already begun.

A short visit to will reveal that along with Social Security, Medicare and most of all government spending ventures are basically failures and would have already been bankrupt except for the bailouts we provide via our taxes. The banks have been made the "fall guy" for all that ails a government which does not wish to take responsibility for their mismanagement of funds.

Most of the population believes the hue and cry not realizing that the banks have, on the most part, repaid their bailout loans with interest and that the federal reserve made $58 billion in interest earnings which the government does not wish to use to reduce the deficit as originally promised.

Why is it that no one is crying out for us to be repaid with interest for all money we have provided to bail out Social Security, Medicare, the Post Office, Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae, and coming soon the Health Care Reform? Do you really think that our tax dollars are well spent?

These bailouts will continue especially now with the increasing realization that there are more productive workers in government than in the private sector. In addition when we realize that government workers earn on average $75,000 as opposed to $45,000.00 of a private worker. and that their benefits last a lifetime and their retirement eligibility is much sooner. Couple that with the fact that the government employment increase is set to be 15.6% in 2010, I wonder, where do you suppose it will end?

It is why the government will need more and more of your earnings. In fact 2009 will again be a low earnings year for the government if I did my tax math correctly, because earnings are still not where they were in 2004, 2005, 2006 or 2007, so I don't think tax revenue will come near to those levels again. Last year I predicted a 35% was 33%, this year I believe it will be again near that level. So where will the money come from to carry the day?

For further bad news, government workers are excluded from having to pay the health care package penalty or tax so then ask yourself, how much will this proposed health care package rewards cost and how much more cost will you have to bear in the years ahead.

Next, they'll want us to pay for the weather and the Internet

It is why I proposed not to sit too long with the joys of victory because while you rest, other forces are at work to take your liberties and your prosperity away.

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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Earnings and Politics

Today is the first day of the rest of the year. It's when traders and institutions start assessing what was hot and what was not and making decisions about how to position themselves into the year, all based on corporate earnings. So the season begins. But WAIT! There is something else in the air! It is an election. An election which could actually change things going forward into 2010. About a week ago I said as much to some people I chat with and was largely dismissed as a person who perhaps puts too much importance on such mundane events, especially where the markets are concerned.

What is interesting is that as I paid less attention, (thinking that,yes, it will make a difference but I cannot hope) the country started to pay more. So I decided to give my health a boost and stress out less only to be awakened to a fever pitch when I heard about President Obama's visit the the state.

So then perhaps we should assess the importance of politics on the markets once again, because like it or not, it makes a difference. It makes a difference whether you have a Marxist or a Libertarian running your government and putting their nose in your business. It makes not a small difference, unless you think the difference to be small between prosperity and despair.

The above notes I posted on my market blog to address traders and investors about the coming days but more needs to be said, and so I continue.

Like it or not goes Gavin Newsom's famous words of total disrespect for the law, as he does it again. Perhaps you did not catch it on the evening or the national news. Gavin Newsom's announcement to bypass, yet again, the law and the constitution in order to have his ideals enacted. What are his ideals? Well, first, no cigarettes can be sold in the city or county of San Francisco for one; for another, he now wants to reduce the ability for a business to make their own decision of selling legal items which would make profit. Mayor Newsom now wishes to stop WalMart from selling alcohol in their stores therefore he is proposing to outlaw any drug store from selling alcohol. That means wine, beer, hard liquor would be banned from any store if they are also a pharmacy. That is what you get with absolute rule from people who think they deserve absolute power. They have no care about how it effects anyone except the elite, "for the good of all". Ahh gee, did you really think capitalists thought that way? Well, give you a clue: communists love to play with mirrors reflecting off of them what they want you to see in others; and that is exactly how you have been duped for many years.

I do hope that this nation is finally awakening, because you will unfortunately be denied your hoped for vote to really mean nothing soon, if you don't. Watch what happens after this election if Scott Brown wins. Watch the Senate, watch the Congress, watch Massachusetts how quickly they act. Watch it very carefully, and watch it not only for a few days, but for a lifetime because Liberty is not to be watched with closed eyes and a prayer. Liberty always has been and always will be a cause to defend.

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