Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Bringing It All Home Part I

So here you have it.. the dupe package I told you about is well on its way. The same pundits on TV and in Congress that were eager to vote and get it going without thought, now are wondering where all that money went, asking why there wasn't any accountability attached to all the loans.

Exactly how much is $780 billion dollars? Can you understand that figure? If you want some perspective as to how much money is being bandied about, take a look at this comparative chart:

Expense, Cost, = Cost Today Adjusted to Inflation

Louisiana Purchase $15 million = $217 billion

Race to the Moon $36.4 billion = $237 billion

S&L Crisis $153 billion = $256 billion

Korean War $54 billion = $454 billion

The New Deal $32 billion (est) = $500 billion (est)

War in Iraq $551 billion = $597 billion

Vietnam War $111 billion = $698 billion

NASA (Cumulative) $416.7 billion = $851.2 billion

WORLD WAR II $288 billion = $3.6 trillion

The very agencies that collect and spend our money, namely the government, don't feel that they have to account for it themselves while they demand that everyone else account for their earnings via the income tax. Amazing isn't it? Well, where did the current $780 billion go? Can you name what it was spent on? Where will it take us?

Congress, in their rush to spend the money we don't have to fix the economy only created a bigger chaos and a deeper problem; but don't take my word for it, wait for the layoffs, because the only accounting that is for certain is that your government invested in bad debt and they don't have a clue if and when it will be paid back. Yet, nevertheless, you are stuck with the bill.

Congratulations Americans, you've been duped.

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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Total Disconnect

Local evening news shows a story about how cold it is and how few shoppers are out and how hard the economy is hitting businesses while some are worried about losing jobs therefore networking for new employment possibilities. The story is followed by this one: SF Mayor Gavin Newsom's wife is wearing the largest chocolate diamond ever mined with cut 3800 facets and the spokeswomen asking if her husband, Gavin will open his wallet for the gem.

Mayor Newsom is the one that totally ignored law and his pledge to uphold it, by allowing gay marriages in the city without voter approval, saying we're doing it "like it or not", is currently running for Governor.

Arnold Schwartzenegger declaring California to become the first and largest electric vehicle supporter effectively forcing Californians toward that goal (like it or not to borrow a phrase from Gavin Newsom). Electric grids in the state can't keep up with current electric usage requiring rolling blackouts during the warmest days of the year; and we're not even considering the cost of "plugging in" a vehicle with currently rising electric prices, another 20% increase hitting us as we speak.

Ditto governor, declaring that California will abide by the Kyoto protocol (like it or not) indebting an already indebted state and then asking the feds to help it with loans.

Local news media and the ruling Democratic Party is blaming the Republicans in the California legislature for being late with a budget plan. The Democrats have had a majority stronghold on the Californian legislature for the past 30 years succeeding in getting us further into debt in the last 3 years despite of record tax revenues collected during the same time. Somehow I wonder how a 2/3 majority can be held at bay by a 1/3 minority.

The Democrats in the California legislature ignoring constitution and trying to pass tax increases, calling them "fees" without the required 2/3 vote.

Lest we forget, Pelosi and company accepting the usual yearly Congressional pay increase while expecting to increase taxes on the rest of us. I guess there's no financial crisis in Congress.

When will we wake up?

I'm sure you can think of more, so add it in comments.. thanks

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Fair Warning

Socialism is a formal economic system where society forces considerable control over the nation's wealth and prosperty in the pursuit of social justice. Regardless of whose idea or who worked for it.

Relativism or more accurately Moral Relativism holds that no universal standard exists by which to assess an ethical proposition's truth. In moral relativism there are no absolute rights and wrongs.

Classical pluralism is the belief that politics and decision making is located mostly in the governmental framework, but many non-governmental groups are using their resources to exert influence. This is why we have lobby groups but the new President wishes to do away with them and replace it with online group lobbying addressed directly toward him on his site. So, could it be funneled through a single stream of communication censored at the whim of a single power? I doubt that many in Congress would go along with that single stream idea. I'm sure they would also wish for one for themselves and perhaps be able to hide the funneling of funds even more easily.

Ahh the Internet: equalizer and demoralizer and socializer and most of all homogenizer of us all but worst of all, the easiest way to spy on us all. I keep remembering the movie THX 1138 by George Lucas, when I think what the Internet can and will do especially when in agreement with philosophies for the many. Of course, when it becomes "free" to all in public places it will become: the better to watch and spy on you, my dear.

Currently we have embraced all of the above and are headed for regulations yet to be unveiled. When considering the great set up of tools left behind by the current administration it's dangerous. Even good tools in the wrong hands can do harm, like the EPA, but some of these are bad tools already: Ability of Government to intervene and regulate monetary policy for the USA is one thing but to intervene and regulate companies money profits and governing abilities is another. Ability of government to spy on suspected terrorism activities via the Patriot Act is OK when used by honest law abiding people, but what happens when socialists that only wish to "equalize" things get a hold of it's permissions. Governments lending a helping hand when disasters strike and when people need temporary assistance is one thing when those funds given are constant without limits and results demanded, it becomes a constant stream of dependence that keeps government powerful and the downtrodden down. One can't justify itself without the other so the dependence has to be kept streaming.

Give me some happy pills to swallow with this hope and change to come.