Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Mirror to the Future

Many have compared President George W. Bush the past 8 years to Hitler, attributed to what facts I still cannot find. Yet the more likely comparison, it seems to me, can be made with this November 2008 Presidential election to September 1930 elections in Germany, which can be based on facts.

The following passage was written in The Rise of Adolph Hitler : Great Depression Begins and can be found in "The History Place" (tm) and online presentation of history founded, owned and published by Philip Gavin since July 4th, 1996. I find it the best and most comprehensive writing of facts without embellishment or favoritism.

He writes:

  • "When the stock market collapsed on Wall Street on Tuesday, October 29, 1929, it sent financial markets worldwide into a tailspin with disastrous effects."

    "The German economy was especially vulnerable since it was built out of foreign capital, mostly loans from America and was very dependent on foreign trade. When those loans suddenly came due and when the world market for German exports dried up, the well oiled German industrial machine quickly ground to a halt. "

    "As production levels fell, German workers were laid off. Along with this, banks failed throughout Germany. Savings accounts, the result of years of hard work, were instantly wiped out. Inflation soon followed making it hard for families to purchase expensive necessities with devalued money. "

    "Overnight, the middle class standard of living so many German families enjoyed was ruined by events outside of Germany, beyond their control. The Great Depression began and they were cast into poverty and deep misery and began looking for a solution, any solution. "

    Adolf Hitler knew his opportunity had arrived."

As you may have noted, the above passage is very relevant to our current political and economic situation; as is the fact that we are in an election cycle.

Continued, in the second passage titled : Germans Elect Nazis
  • "Adolf Hitler and the Nazis waged a modern whirlwind campaign in 1930 unlike anything ever seen in Germany."

Obama's campaign has been nothing but extra ordinary with the record amount of funds spent and collected.

  • "Joseph Goebbels brilliantly organized thousands of meetings, torchlight parades, plastered posters everywhere and printed millions of copies of special editions of Nazi newspapers."

Who can forget the Greek columns, the record attendees at speeches, and the use of the Internet as well as the media in Obama's pocket?

  • "For Hitler, the master speech maker, the long awaited opportunity to let loose his talents on the German people had arrived. He would find in this downtrodden people, an audience very willing to listen. In his speeches, Hitler offered the Germans what they needed most, encouragement. He gave them heaps of vague promises while avoiding the details. He used simple catchphrases, repeated over and over. "

Master speeches, honeyed words making vague promises of change and hope, refunds and reparations, "something for everyone" has been the only message from the Obama campaign.

  • His campaign appearances were carefully staged events. Audiences were always kept waiting, deliberately letting the tension increase ... theatrical style lighting and decorations of swastikas was overwhelming and very catching.

Obama has his own logo and today, Obama will have an unprecedented 30minute television speech paid for by his campaign TODAY, Oct 29, 2008..... can you hear the chants yet?

  • "All of the Nazis, from Hitler, down to the leader of the smallest city block, worked tirelessly, relentlessly, to pound their message into the minds of the Germans."

  • "On election day September 14, 1930, the Nazis received 6,371,000 votes, over eighteen percent of the total, and were thus entitled to 107 seats in the German Reichstag. It was a stunning victory for Hitler. Overnight, the Nazi party went from the smallest to the second largest party in Germany"

  • On October 13, 1930, dressed in their brown shirts, the elected Nazi deputies marched in unison into the Reichstag and took their seats. When the roll call was taken, each one shouted, "Present! Heil Hitler!"

Obama voted "Present" many times. (I know, cheap comparison, but true nonetheless)

  • "They had no intention of cooperating with the democratic government, knowing it was to their advantage to let things get worse in Germany, thus increasing the appeal of Hitler to an ever more miserable people. Now, for the floundering German democracy, the clock was ticking and time was on Hitler's side.

Well I wish to go no further. Yet I have to also bring into your consideration Obama's friends or (non-friends) that he has over the past 20 or so years been associating with; specifically Ayers. Although a Marxist/Communist it makes no real difference when it's totalitarianism that we are faced with because they all fit the definition.

In a recent radio interview on KSFO with Barbara Simpson, I heard the former undercover FBI agent, Larry Grathwohl, from the Weather Underground, recount and play a taped discussion among the members and with Ayers. The discussion was about the agenda that they would have to enact once they have taken over the control of our government. Included in the agenda, aside from the usual communist tactics of education, indoctrination was the discussion that the people who are highly educated and those who are die hard capitalists will be the most difficult and most likely give resistance therefore, they'd have to be eliminated. They expected that about 28 million Americans would have to be killed in order for the total capitulation to be a success.

So let's see: Nazis, 30 mil, Soviet Union only estimates available (they kept lousy records) but upwards to 200 million, Red China unknown but most likely 200 million, and counting, Cuba numbers unknown; is it our turn? Now do you see the similarity to the Nazi's, Soviets, and Red Chinese, Castro's Cuba, Chavez Venezuela? Totalitarianism is their motive and you must consider the fact that Obama has yet to denounce them or his associating with them, during his campaign which should shed a lot suspicion about his motives and question his true agenda for America.

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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Choices Memorandum: 1956 Okt. 23

I am starting this news and events blog commentary on a very important anniversary of my life and world history. It strikes me as odd that after so many years, we are faced with an election choice that could lead our lives down a very dark passage. A passage that many have lived before me and many although muted by anarchism are living today. It's a type of hell that I cannot wish on anyone and it's the type of suppression that is hard to imagine by those who have not yet lived it. I am viewing it as the coming dark ages of the USA.

The population of this great nation, for whatever the reason, seems to have turned away from those that have lived through dark ages before; ignoring warnings from our forefathers that if we don't preserve what they have given and fought for, what we will get, will be deserved. Why so many wish to choose tyranny now is beyond my comprehension; why so many wish not to learn from those who lived it is only foolishness of non-experience that will have long term consequences for our children.

If evidence is needed that the current path of choice is not wise, we only need to count the number of people who have successfully escaped from those tyrannies and count those that are so very grateful to have had the opportunity to live on this soil in North America. We don't even need to go back to the beginnings of this nation, but you should, in order to be reeling from the enormity of their suffering from which they escaped. This nation was formed by escapees of one tyranny or another and those that successfully arrived here felt blessed and were thankful and knew that they were the lucky ones; countless more died in the fight to leave tyrannies and countless died rather than continue their lives under those regimes.

In contrast I do not know a single person who can say that about the USA; even those that wish for and believe in anarchism, fascism, socialism, communism or the like. Yet they want for the rest of us to believe like they do, instead of believing in the right of self-rule that our forefathers gave us. I'll never understand why they don't emigrate to one of those nations they espouse and wish for us to become. Wouldn't it be simpler? After all, my family escaped from there and emigrated here. So why not vice-versa?

In my opinion , if you are one that thinks this nation to be faulty and needs "change" and "hope" you are on the side of tyranny. I also think the people of this nation need waking up and until they do please do not change a single thing, because the change and hope you wish for happened 232 years ago and no more needs to be done to it except the guarding and preservation of its beacon of freedom.

It is my belief that without this nation of ours, breaking away from tyrannies will become much harder for people like my family. The people of this nation who have known its beautiful history sacrificed and gave to those that did not have the same opportunities. Many are doing it today in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as long forgotten Bosnia, Albania, South Korea. Many are voluntarly teaching, working, helping in the most impoverished nations around the world. Many have given their lives for others in Europe and Asia and would do it still despite the criticisms, because many of us still remember and know how fortunate we are.

I thank our forefathers of my adopted Country, I thank those hundreds that have directly aided me, I thank those thousands of Americans that spoke up against tyrannies in the world and I thank those that fought for my freedom against Soviet tyranny starting this day in Hungary 52 years ago.

Please let's not have a need to repeat it.


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