Thursday, December 13, 2012

I Hate to Say ....

But someone has to. Someone has to tell you that you've been had. No matter what side of the aisle you are on, what you have given up is your strength and freedom. All in the name of want or of regulation for everything from your birth to your death. All in the name of wanting what cannot be given: Safety.

Unfortunately safety can only be assured in one of two ways: strength or enslavement. The first way is through strength which you have to constantly fight for just like your health, by keeping in shape, going to the gym and working out daily. The second way is through enslavement which is achieved by giving up the first choice. In other words by not taking responsibility for your own well being and then blaming others for your body being out of shape and your ill health.

Of course it follows that those taking the second option, demand that others take care of them because the Constitution of the USA gives them the guarantee to pursue "happiness" while they totally forget or purposely omit any reference to self-responsibility. Hence they will blame McDonalds Restaurants before they will ever admit to eating unwisely. Thus they will totally demand and expect government to "advise" them and others about how to live, heal and die; better known as Medicare. It is living with a constant stream of new and newer regulation. Have your read "1984" by George Orwell?

Unfortunately the people who opt for the second option have no idea what they have given up because they have never experienced true freedom. The education of children under the age of 18 has been in the hands of the liberals for 40 years minimum. Yes, add it up.. those voters have no knowledge or real education about the US Constitution or the Bill of Rights, because if they did they would never fall for enslavement.

It's a vicious circle but it is one we can never finish if we wish to keep our freedom over enslavement. Reagan said it best: Peace through Strength. That, for those of us who have chosen the first option, is the only way. How did lose it and let safety become more important?

Slowly over the years we got convinced that it was no longer necessary to fight while constantly accused of being war mongers and aggressors and that we had to change our ways. We let ourselves be convinced that peace came through acceptance of change and tolerance of others no matter how they behaved. We gave up, relaxed and got lazy and thus lost our strength. But don't just take my opinion on the subject, listen to the message below.

Thanks for reading and listening