Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Global Climate Change Debacle

Look yourself in the mirror. Do you like to be duped? Of course not. Most not only dislike it, they do the next worse thing; they deny it ever happened. So it is with the global warming movement. Scientists, politicians, people from all walks, have been duped and even though many are beginning to realize it, they will go along with the agenda because it is better than admit to being duped or wrong. Not one single person by themselves will change this phenomenon and even if finally the masses are revealed the real truth they will reject it.

Especially as a group; were a nation or the world to learn that they were all duped, they would rather deny knowledge than to face the hard truth, that we can all fall for a scam, no matter how intelligent we may be. The horror of the realization that we can be misled, brain washed so easily is dreadful to everyone of any age singly but even more dreadful were we to realize that it can be done en masse.

So it happens that the recent unraveling of the global warming myth, not many are willing to run the story with factual data, but only speak of it in side notes and quickly change the subject. No one seems to think it important to really investigate although investigate they should, as the December Copenhagen meeting is looming over us which can bring irreversible consequences on us based on very bad data, indeed.

This story is of the magnitude of the Nazi extermination camps that many, including those that lived around them and those that even worked in them, denied as impossible when confronted with the truth in plain site. It is amazing what the human mind will do to preserve its hold to a belief.

Below is a message from a friend, one who knows much more on the subjec than most of us and has been battling local media for fair coverage on the matter:

"Here is a fascinating Finnish video about "Climategate", tree rings and hockey sticks I found via the Financial Times. I have had much contact with Finnish scientists and admire them greatly.

There has been a devastatingly frank video dissection of the whole climate science debacle done by the Finns. In it are interviews with Steve McIntyre and Prof Richard Lindzen, discussing how they tried to get the raw data to study. The Finns have been doing research into the tree ring science for decades before the IPCC crowd got on to it, and their conclusions are the opposite of the IPCC. Even one of their graphs showing a cooling trend was turned upside in one study to show a warming trend!

Go see this wonderfully clear video tracking the controversy amusingly called Climate Catastrophe Cancelled."

Thanks for reading