Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Scripting The Future

Perhaps some of you noticed that what many were warning Wall Street was 5 years ago, greed without regard to value is actually happening today. Five years ago it was hype, it was hatred of Bush, CEO's and anything to do with curtailing government spending. It was name calling our President "stupid" who we were told knew nothing about economy, it was about Americans who were hated overseas because of Bush and the war and it was about greedy corporations who just wanted to ship our jobs overseas, and we were reminded by the media daily that we were a suffering lot because of greedy Wall Streeters, CEO's and the "rich". Our outlook based on those reports looked bad to horrible they all kept repeating to us in the USA. It was reported and repeated while our unemployment rate of 4.5 for most of 2006 was dropping and employment rate was rising; and it was said with hatred especially aimed at one man, the President of the USA, by its own citizens.

People overseas were scratching their heads. Illegals were pouring in across our borders for work. You see the Unemployment rate dropped from 2004 - 2006 from 5.7% to dipping below 4.5% and leveling at 4.5 at the end of the year. Employement rate rose in the same time period from just above 130millions to above 136 millions in the same time period. (source: Bureau of Labor Statistics) Actually that figure is non-farm payrolls it was nearly 146 millions total.

Americans truly did look greedy to the people overseas if they wanted better than what we had. Unemployment rate was hovering around 9%+ in Europe and some overseas reporters were actually writing comparisons of poverty and wished us to realize that our so called "poverty" would be wealth to most in the world. But to those Americans who hated what they had, and those Americans who, knowingly or not, spewed hate for what they had, the world "knew" nothing. Much of the media, entertainment and news, fit that category so from day in and day out we heard much negativity.

No-one dared question then, either. No-one dared call it a conspiracy. No-one dared call those who spread the negative word anything more than liberals, and they did not confront them much with reality. Maybe you were among those who was bemused and amused about it all, maybe you were among those who hated; it matters not anymore because all of us wrote the script then for what we are living now.

Now we truly have greed in Wall Street, but it's not just among the higher echelon, it's in the pits among traders too. We now truly have high unemployment and our jobs going overseas. We now truly have CEO's who collude with government to get more, we now truly have high unemployment and getting worse and low Employment and getting worse. Did we have those before, yes, but not in growing numbers and with it the hatred is growing. We now have people threatening others for their thoughts. We now have open hunting season on conservatives.

We are now beginning to see those who were behind it all marching down our streets with the hammer&sickle symbol calling for more hate, and even death. We now have the beginnings of another civil war and unfortunately. What is worse is that we now have a President and Cabinet who truly know nothing about economy or at least they act as they don't. Many still think that one vote will end it. Many are refusing to open their eyes out of fear, many out of blindness, and many cheer it on thinking they will be among the saved.

Yet,perhaps the worst of it all is that most are still naive to think that they did not write this future and are scripting the next which they will be living for many years to come.

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