Thursday, January 28, 2010


Not many things render me speechless, so count the speech of President Obama last night as a rare occurrence. I'm sure it won't last for long I'll absorb first however today's market reaction; and the World's view, of which I can only guess two. Either total dismissal of our President as a statesman, in other words he'll be viewed as ineffective therefore inconsequential from here forward, or he'll be viewed as an anomaly in the world of USA governments and tolerated for his eccentricities allowing for a possible further embrace of his views and agenda.

Although the markets will have an immediate reaction, for Thursday, it has to be coupled with the Fed's announcement and other possible news and profits projections or damages looking forward. It is interesting times we live in, indeed, it's feels somewhat "Chaplinesque."

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Thursday, January 21, 2010

First it was "big bad" CEOs now it's "big bad" Banks

The way to nationalization and the breakdown of capitalism is to make sure that someone or entities, the masses can't relate to, is made evil.

The "masses" meaning people who have no clue how the "rich" got prosperous, how the big companies got that way, or how financial markets work, are easily misled with just a few sound bites of blame. Repeated repeated and repeated over again, it catches attention and is soon believed.

Have you noticed how some people get re-tweeted over and over again? It means that their sound bites of 140 letters are agreed with, they are in sentiment of the re-tweeter or, friends just are in habit of re-tweeting. Soon enough the more popular the tweeter, the more they get re-tweeted. I wonder how many re-tweeters go to the trouble of research. (I'll leave that to some researcher to follow.) On the whole I would bet that it's like the main stream media of the past 2 decades. There is less and less research, and more instant reporting of often unfounded "facts" presented as facts. Just "sounds true" opinion being given to the masses.

The masses, pass on information without research on the most part and like the famous saying by a favored Marxists, "a lie repeated often enough becomes truth to the masses" which makes most of them "useful idiots". That is exactly what is going on today. Sorry I mean no disrespect. I am not only sure, but I am positive that I too have been part of the problem as some point or another. (The women's movement comes to mind, of which I was very guilty.) But I hope I have mended my ways in my wiser years. I will repeat a favorite musician's quote, which he graciously let me post on my blog, "Youth speaks at length, while age edits" - Jeremy Denk 09/19/08

It is exactly what we need now.. editing.. very wise editing before we lose it and loosen our grip on our freedoms even more.

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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Let the Fallout Begin

No, I'm not going to talk about the election, it's consequences or make predictions. I've voiced that already. The fallout I refer to is the reverberations we shall begin to experience as the results and it's implications get absorbed and then explode into the atmosphere. The fallout shall permeate everything, everyone, everywhere.

Perhaps this result is again a shot which will be heard around the world, but rest not, for there is always someone ready to snatch victory from your grasp and abscond with your liberty.

Waiting is a huge behemoth created by Congress; a Health Care $Bill$ of great $cost$ and unknown proportions, for which the taxation has already begun.

A short visit to will reveal that along with Social Security, Medicare and most of all government spending ventures are basically failures and would have already been bankrupt except for the bailouts we provide via our taxes. The banks have been made the "fall guy" for all that ails a government which does not wish to take responsibility for their mismanagement of funds.

Most of the population believes the hue and cry not realizing that the banks have, on the most part, repaid their bailout loans with interest and that the federal reserve made $58 billion in interest earnings which the government does not wish to use to reduce the deficit as originally promised.

Why is it that no one is crying out for us to be repaid with interest for all money we have provided to bail out Social Security, Medicare, the Post Office, Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae, and coming soon the Health Care Reform? Do you really think that our tax dollars are well spent?

These bailouts will continue especially now with the increasing realization that there are more productive workers in government than in the private sector. In addition when we realize that government workers earn on average $75,000 as opposed to $45,000.00 of a private worker. and that their benefits last a lifetime and their retirement eligibility is much sooner. Couple that with the fact that the government employment increase is set to be 15.6% in 2010, I wonder, where do you suppose it will end?

It is why the government will need more and more of your earnings. In fact 2009 will again be a low earnings year for the government if I did my tax math correctly, because earnings are still not where they were in 2004, 2005, 2006 or 2007, so I don't think tax revenue will come near to those levels again. Last year I predicted a 35% was 33%, this year I believe it will be again near that level. So where will the money come from to carry the day?

For further bad news, government workers are excluded from having to pay the health care package penalty or tax so then ask yourself, how much will this proposed health care package rewards cost and how much more cost will you have to bear in the years ahead.

Next, they'll want us to pay for the weather and the Internet

It is why I proposed not to sit too long with the joys of victory because while you rest, other forces are at work to take your liberties and your prosperity away.

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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Earnings and Politics

Today is the first day of the rest of the year. It's when traders and institutions start assessing what was hot and what was not and making decisions about how to position themselves into the year, all based on corporate earnings. So the season begins. But WAIT! There is something else in the air! It is an election. An election which could actually change things going forward into 2010. About a week ago I said as much to some people I chat with and was largely dismissed as a person who perhaps puts too much importance on such mundane events, especially where the markets are concerned.

What is interesting is that as I paid less attention, (thinking that,yes, it will make a difference but I cannot hope) the country started to pay more. So I decided to give my health a boost and stress out less only to be awakened to a fever pitch when I heard about President Obama's visit the the state.

So then perhaps we should assess the importance of politics on the markets once again, because like it or not, it makes a difference. It makes a difference whether you have a Marxist or a Libertarian running your government and putting their nose in your business. It makes not a small difference, unless you think the difference to be small between prosperity and despair.

The above notes I posted on my market blog to address traders and investors about the coming days but more needs to be said, and so I continue.

Like it or not goes Gavin Newsom's famous words of total disrespect for the law, as he does it again. Perhaps you did not catch it on the evening or the national news. Gavin Newsom's announcement to bypass, yet again, the law and the constitution in order to have his ideals enacted. What are his ideals? Well, first, no cigarettes can be sold in the city or county of San Francisco for one; for another, he now wants to reduce the ability for a business to make their own decision of selling legal items which would make profit. Mayor Newsom now wishes to stop WalMart from selling alcohol in their stores therefore he is proposing to outlaw any drug store from selling alcohol. That means wine, beer, hard liquor would be banned from any store if they are also a pharmacy. That is what you get with absolute rule from people who think they deserve absolute power. They have no care about how it effects anyone except the elite, "for the good of all". Ahh gee, did you really think capitalists thought that way? Well, give you a clue: communists love to play with mirrors reflecting off of them what they want you to see in others; and that is exactly how you have been duped for many years.

I do hope that this nation is finally awakening, because you will unfortunately be denied your hoped for vote to really mean nothing soon, if you don't. Watch what happens after this election if Scott Brown wins. Watch the Senate, watch the Congress, watch Massachusetts how quickly they act. Watch it very carefully, and watch it not only for a few days, but for a lifetime because Liberty is not to be watched with closed eyes and a prayer. Liberty always has been and always will be a cause to defend.

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