Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A Christmas Wish to Honor

If there is one recurring message in all posts that I read, consciously or unconsciously intended, is that rules need to be honored. In this society that we have created the past decades, rules and laws have been pushed to the absolutes with definitions defying the most logician. No wonder we need teams of lawyers, or shall I say one attorney with a team of interpreters, to decipher any law. They are looking for infinite number of interpretations to fool anyone willing to forget that rules are rules, laws are laws and societies actually thrive better in environments where they are honored.

Like with children, set up an environment where boundaries are not marked and held, and you have chaos in the family but what is worse is that the child then goes and creates chaos outside the family in schools and any structured activity as long as those places too will allow the dishonoring of rules. On the other hand, a child raised with clear boundaries and taught to honor laws of the past and present, will most likely grow up to be a contributor to society adding value and not chaos into lives they touch. Not to mention the family unity is a happier one.

Although the argument that part of growth is the kicking out and testing boundaries, it is also true that taking it too can destroy more than it creates. These are generally known as unintended consequences, although lately I'd argue about the intention. Conscious or unconscious deliberate complication it is known to create, therefore even if the "what" is unknown, the intention is to create the chaos intentional complications introduce.  So what are intentional complications?

Any bill introduced by Congress more than 10 pages long, in my humble opinion will define it well.  The new rules that follow 2000 pages of new legislature are not real rules. They are intended chaos to cover up rules that are not honored, like the dishonoring of our Constitution of the USA.

So, my Christmas Wish this year is to honor, the rules and laws that are simple and have always been true. The 10 Commandments of the Bible, the 10 amendments known as the  Bill of Rights, and  lives yet to be born.

In addition, simple courtesies such as a "Hello", "Goodbye",  "Please" and "Thank You" convey honor about the person toward another and are infinitely more effective than the expletive terms used by so many in  public, on media, and even amongst friends and families.

I would venture a guess that if everyone of us read and then used such simplicity, our society would actually thrive once more without the cry for more regulations and rules to regulate the new regulations and rules.

In honor of you, my friends and family, known and unknown readers, I thank you and wish you a
Very Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Thanks for Reading