Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A Special Thanksgiving Day.

Each year here in the USA we have a special day unlike any other known anywhere else in the world. It is our unique holiday this giving thanks day. It is not only to give thanks for the abundance in our lives that God has blessed upon us, but also to commemorate the first Thanksgiving day celebrated by the Pilgrims, after overcoming hardships suffered by the first settlers from the old world to the new.

Thanks was given not only for survival but also for an abundant crop as well as new friendships formed with the Indians who helped the newcomers to settle in the new land.

I have something in common with those first settlers, as it was on Thanksgiving Day that my family arrived to this new land and was welcomed to settle in this our new country, the USA. Each year we give thanks for our new opportunity for a free life in this land, each year we remember how warmly we were welcomed, how much open help we received from people who knew nothing about us, but nonetheless gave us love and friendship.

Perhaps those who wish to protest against the abundance of this land should reflect about how much it has given to those who have no hope anywhere else. Perhaps it's time they open their eyes and see how this country and it's people opened doors to millions who needed help and in true tradition of Thanksgiving Day, gave all they could in order to give opportunity to newcomers like us. Not handouts, but helping hands with love.

Dedicated with special thanks and in loving memory to
Bob and Irma Weede

Give thanks for what you have, give thanks to those you know and don't forget to thank God.
Have a Happy and Abundant Thanksgiving Day
Thanks for reading,
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