Sunday, February 1, 2009

Bring It All Home Part II

That government is printing money at a record pace now is in the news, that they were printing money all along these past decades is somehow forgiven and forgotten. We have not arrived at this point in a heartbeat, we arrived here in a lifetime and all along we were feeling good about our lives not worrying about how and where without production, we could be so prosperous.

No many wanted to look at the truth as most still don't wish to acknowledge that no bailout will work. The only way we'll save ourselves is by again becoming self reliant. Folding up our sleeves and working to produce our own consumption and not waiting for the government to provide the jobs, because government will only get you into deeper debt.

We have to come to terms that we owe the world a great deal of money, just like they owed us after WWII, which many did not repay. We may not be so forgiven by the countries we borrowed from; In fact I will guarantee that our debt will not be forgiven because their own existence is dependent on us being able to consume and print more.

We have to come to terms with the fact that unless we educate our students to do other things besides service and business administration & law, we will continue to have to export jobs to countries and people willing to study engineering, science, mathematics and do labor. (Did you know that only about 10% of the current American student population is interested in those majors?) We also have to come to terms with the fact that labor unions can't hold companies hostage for a lifetime building their debt with crippling retirement benefits and demands that put them into bankruptcy.

We have to let go of sponsored retirement and health care benefits that just line the pockets of those in insurance and government and allow increasing costs from deep pockets all the while decreasing quality.

We have to come to realize that government sponsored help, be it welfare or benefits do nothing but produce dependence hence they cripple the very economy they are trying to save. No one wants to invest in dependence except your elected officials who depend on our dependence on government to be re-elected. Therefore, it's a losing proposition for anyone wishing to be independent because eventually the country runs out of money to support the dependents but of course along the way the economy has long been at a standstill. Besides which, companies run by government bureaucrats are not a compelling investement prospect.

In order to have a thriving economy you need independent people willing to make it on their own. The USA was build by people who took a great deal of pride and interest in taking care of themselves and as they did, they grew a country stronger than any other in history but somewhere along the way wishing for comfort and feeling entitled perhaps, we the people started to slack off and like in the days in Rome, decided that it was easier to import than to make. Draw your own conclusion where that led; like for Rome, too far an expansion, and home is soon forgotten.

There is no where in the Constitution of the USA that says it is up to the government to create jobs for you. Yet they all act as if that is the sole reason for their existence; alas it is however the very thing that will make you more dependent on them. In order to survive and become strong again, we have to kick their collective butts to stay out of our lives and our search for self determination.

Here is the definition for a word we all should remember every day; a word whose origin dates to around 1680: self-de⋅ter⋅mi⋅na⋅tion   –noun

1. determination by oneself or itself, without outside influence.

2. freedom to live as one chooses, or to act or decide without consulting another or others.

3. the determining by the people of the form their government shall have, without reference to the wishes of any other nation, esp. by people of a territory or former colony.

Pay attention especially to #3. I know it seems an impossible task, but it must be made a compelling task if we are to survive without being owned by and made slaves by our debt.

Thanks for reading.
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