Monday, February 16, 2009

Don't Use the "C" Word

Chavez won dictatorship in Venezuela. Can the USA be far behind? Judging with what's happened last week in Congress, I'd say not. No one is alarmed.

Russia paid a visit couple of months back to them and probably trained Chavez well. They also played war games together with Cuba. No one is alarmed.

California Congresswoman Maxine Waters lets the cat out of the bag last year by slipping a threat to the oil company execs about nationalization which she is currently happy to extend to the banks. No one cares.

Senator Obama openly advocates the redistribution of wealth during his Presidential campaign and despite open debate on the subject. Everyone cheers.

Yet people say to me: "Don't use the C word." "People turn off to it." they tell me

I ask you.. if I don't use the "C" word now, when it is appropriate and when the system is just setting up and when I can still voice it out loud, then when can I?

Will I be able to use it during the night while you are being taken in for questioning?

Will I be able to use it when my children are around after they'd been indoctrinated at school to listen and let the teacher know what their parents are saying at home?

Will I be able to say it to any friends when we're together in a group without fear of one of them reporting me?

Will I be able to say it while I'm marched off to a re-education center?

As this government is setting up more and more social programs to control every aspect of your everyday life, you better start naming the unmentionable.. the very word you don't want me to use for fear of being called a .. what? Can they call me by any worse words than they already have during the past administration while they were setting up for this change?

Many don't and can't believe that it could happen in the USA but consider that this change has been happening slowly over the years and has not shown it's agenda blatantly until this past year. The subtle changes that have already occurred were easy to excuse until one realizes that they've already given more ground than necessary for the coup to be a success.

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