Monday, January 26, 2009

Advocating Genocide?

Enough is enough... don't you see it? Is this the way German's marched to a dictator, not heeding the writing on the wall? Are we the next nation to commit mass genocide? Are we so numbed by political correctness that we cannot speak out loudly against an advocate of a practice that is akin to murder?

Yes, I'm speaking about Pelosi and her blatantly stupid statement that the control of our population is the way to save on costs. Is she really saying: "I have my life, I don't wish to share taxpayers money with those you bring into the world!" and is that not height of greed?

This from a woman who supports PETA ! The very same people who probably would and will agree with her. "Reduce humans, save animals" will probably be the next accepted slogan out there.

Abortion for population control is not the way to go. At first it was mercy killing of the feeble minded, and the psychologically disturbed people by the Nazi's in Germany. Mandatory abortion was also part of that regime for people who did not meet the qualifications of the "proper" race. Contrary to popular belief, they killed others prior to massacring Jews and everyone looked the other. Is that what you really want, Pelosi? Is that what we the people of the USA are ready to accept?

I, along with I'm sure many others, certainly hope not!

Thanks for reading.
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