Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Khrushchev Must Be Laughing

Today's signing of the Stimupork bill was nothing short of a spectacle drawn from the Soviet propaganda machine handbook.

From start to finish, the theatrics were all there, the urgent need to "save the economy and the USA" with this bill were reinforced yet again; as were the sweet misleading lies veiled in smiles. The only thing missing from the pomp and circumstance were the children greeting with flowers, and of course the never ending applause in full unison, but I'm sure they will include those next time.

The mutual adoration speeches were given along with the obligatory everyday "worker comrade", who in this case is a small business owner, willing to say whatever was in front of him in his fervent, adoring belief that it was all true. Just think of his disbelief that he even got to introduce the "man" himself! Imagine his proud moment while he advised us that his business and his workers will be saved because of this bill and how he will be able to hire many more workers as a result of this bill.

So what is this bill all about? Has he read the bill? Has anyone? CAN anyone read 1100 pages in four days and fully analyze it's content? Not even the Congress that put it together in committee could read it before they voted. In other words we have another almost trillion $ debt with no one knowing exactly how it will be distributed and repaid.

And everyone was smiling
All the while the markets were tanking.

And Khrushchev was laughing: "I told you so"!

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