Thursday, November 20, 2008

Is McCain's Loss Conservative's Gain?

I said from the get go that McCain was not electable as a Republican and I actually have doubts if he was even electable as a Democrat. I do not know why people thought he was. Ever since he's been around as a political candidate for the job, he has been the same in his expressionless expressions and his non-convincing stands which proved to be the most obvious problem during his current run. The question as to who or where he was on the political map constantly remained. In many ways he is a Socialist yet he also fits the definition of a Pluralist as well as a Moral Relativist but a Conservative he is not and he's too wishy-washy for Liberals' to like.

That he was not a Republican or a Conservative came out loud and clear when he broke his own claim to be a entitlement watchdog as he assisted the Liberals and Democrats in endorsing and voting for the biggest entitlement program via the bailout package in history. I was actually surprised that the media did not clobber him with that one. The only reason why I think he was spared is because he was also the past darling of the media and his action on the bailout was very much in line with the Democrat wishes in Congress. Also perhaps because the media knew that given enough leeway, McCain would sabotage himself; and sabotage he did.

When many of the electorate does and did not know which party was in charge of Congress the last two years, whose fault is that? Who is not speaking up? Who is not educating? One can blame the media for a lot but not for everything. It is precisely because the harder battle is for the ones less publicized that Republicans need to start speaking up with more energy and they need to learn how to focus their communication to the future of the country, not rely solely on their past glories. It's bad enough that history is being rewritten to favor the liberals alarmingly fast, and that education in our schools have been suppressed, but that is exactly why education has to be taken up by the party and calling out the opposition should not be held at bay.

Every chance the Democrats had to debunk the Republicans they've used; McCain did not. The next candidates better learn fast if they are to have any leadership hopes. They need to be more energized and more communicative and more outspoken. They need to learn and be comfortable with the new media because they cannot and have not been able to rely on the old one. TV is almost pointless to rely on for them; the newspapers and magazines are almost dead, except for photographs. It's the radio and computer communications that are the most widely heard. Pod casting especially will be more popular.

So the question remains about whether Conservatives gain. What current politicians lack and lacked the past 6 years is the fact that they cannot bring into the foreground any youthful energy perhaps because they're afraid to let go. The instant energy that was created when McCain introduced Gov. Palin was an unmistakable signal that this is what the party needs and wants yet the message seems to be lost on the leadership. I can't believe that there isn't anyone in the House or the Senate with a younger and different voice that can and is willing to take the reigns but I seem to be wrong because they both re-elected the same leaders that have basically led them to losses in both houses. Not a great start for the future I'm afraid and it's too bad because this time in the next two years is when the greatest opportunity happens; when you have nothing to loose because you have lost it all. Will the Conservatives be able to recognize the opportunity?

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