Sunday, November 16, 2008

Change, I Dare You!

"As above, so below" works the other way especially in the USA; so ponder: "As below, So above" because that's where the answer may be. Examine the lies you tell yourself as well as your lies to others, are there any you can correct? Change yourself, Change Society. Greater change comes from within than from idolizing some "Great Guru". Perhaps if we realized it years ago, we may not be facing what we are faced with today; waiting breathlessly for politicians to decide our future in: finance, health, education, security, and even our love of life today.

That what we are doing is for the "global good" is and has been obvious of America. Yet, you've been told that we should be punished for numerous affronts to this world and the injustice we have supposedly done to the many who have fought for your freedom. It is scary that you feel guilty for what we haven't done, yet scarier still is that you are made to feel undeserving because of what we have built, shared and consumed. It perpetuates even further our lack of confidence allowing even more lies to be excused.

Obama was elected on such thoughts and I feel sorry for all those who bought into it because if ever there was a cause to be proud of, it's this one: We helped the Iraqi people into freedom, out of and from under a dictatorship that killed in the hundreds of thousands, in less than 1 year and helped them rebuild since then. That was under the leadership of Bush and that's faster and with far less casualties and costs endured than we have helped Germany, France, Belgium, Italy, England, Japan, Phillipines, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Austria, and the rest of the satellites of the Soviet Union.. Georgia and Ukraine, Latvia being amongst them; the countries of Yugoslavia, South Korea, Vietnam, Cuba, Somalia individually!!! There are so many more, but I think you get the point. Yes, I've included those we have yet to succeed with and yes, the ones also we were indirectly involved with because they are all deserving of our help. Because you, wonderful people you, who so willingly wish for the best, and follow hope and change, should not deny those that are also wishing for the same under terrible dictatorships. So it makes no sense to me that you think we should be out of Iraq until they are ready for us to leave.

Now, for most of you, I imagine that is not easily identified with and for you I'm glad. I'm glad because you have not suffered the horrors of a dictatorship.. yet. For those that have fought over there, however, I feel sad and glad. Sad because you can't relay to us the horrors that you've seen and glad because you have been assured under the current administration that you and your children are safe at home and don't have to witness such as you've seen. Yes, you have taken the horrors onto yourselves so we don't have to suffer such. Sound familiar? It should, because the veterans of WWII also did the same and because of them, you exist in a free society.

This society that so many of you are ready to forgo, to give up and of which you are ashamed only because you are ignorant of its history and of what people can do to and with each other, has done wonderous things for many. You believe the stories that the USA is horrible and does atrocious acts from the likes of Ayers and your late night entertainers yet you have been starved of the stories of such heroes as these because of a media with a negative USA agenda:

So I say unto you: You don't know half the truth and are ready to condemn us all. It's sad for the USA and it's sad for the World that from such ignorance so many will suffer.

Thank You Veterans and Thanks for Reading
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