Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Congratulations Americans: a Message and Observation

I wish to congratulate President-elect Obama and I congratulate all African-Americans for this historic election and long sought victory. I rejoice with you and for you because now you have come into your own and now you'll be able to present yourselves to the world as you wish to be viewed. Gone are the barriers of media, of disinterest and suppression; gone is discrimination. You now bear the sole responsibility of how you project yourselves into the world and how you wish to be perceived by the world. It is a challenge which needs pondering because your presentation will reflect on President Obama.

President Obama will also have an extra burden not experienced by other Presidents; besides representing the nation and its people, he will be also looked upon to represent black people to the world.

His attempts and successes will be largely dependent on a supporting or suppressing media. A couple of other African-Americans learned that the media does not necessarily favor on skin color. Both Gen. Colin Powell and Secretary of State Condeleeza Rice, by all definitions should have been given the same accolades that Barack Obama received for being first, yet they were ignored not only by the media but also by their own kind; the very same brother and sisterhood that Barack Obama brought together with pride.

As to our Nation, this too is about you. I'm glad that this Nation let go of its inhibitions to vote for a black American but I will let you all judge yourselves and your choices as time unfolds whether you chose the right man to lead this land,because he's first, a man; and voting for him because he's black does not encourage confidence in me.

I, for myself have hope, a hope that I am wrong about what is to unfold in the USA the next few years because I cannot rejoice about an election where the vision of "hope and change" pushed for a future of Socialist utopia. I will face it openly and with commentary as usual. I am forever an optimist so I doubt if my attitude will change about the good in us all. There are things that, when all is said and done, we have to leave up to the Universe to handle because the Universe, by its own nature and beyond our view, balances it all.

Thanks for reading.
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