Saturday, November 15, 2008

Is Conservatism Dead?

I can't help this creepy feeling that these G20 meetings will come out to be nothing but Global Socialism agreements. As the heads of the world continue to meet, argue and theorize, what strikes me as unusual is that there are no real conservatives among them. The real conservatives of the world, that forged the greatest economies are out of power or dead. Reagan, on whose coattails and wise tax cuts, Clinton became a success leading to a 1 year government tax surplus with a Republican Congress, Bush who led us out of a recession, not of his own making and with further tax cuts, is too late with free market speeches and not long from being totally out of power with thoughts of good riddance from many. Thatcher and Blair whose platforms unraveled fast under Brown. Australia's John Howard whose wise leadership and conservative know how, led them into a surplus out of a deficit helped along with a tax cuts and now is helping Australia weather this storm but for how long? Spain too turned to a socialist leader a few years back and now facing harder times along with many European Nations.

Where to from here, when most of the G20 nations are Socialist or Communist? Regulations upon regulations which will lead to more because once started, we can never regulate enough to encompass all? We all need a good lesson in free markets again because it works beautifully when left alone. Governments need to learn to keep hands off private business and financial institutions because when in a crisis it is revealed that they know nothing of how to run one, especially profitably. I hear some analysis that we are well on our way to owing 70% our GDP that means trillions that we'll pass onto the future and many criticized the cost in $$ of the Iraq war yet are well on board to all bailouts. It's insanity.

Governments should not regulate welfare via businesses and businesses should not lobby governments for favored status and regulation to save themselves the extra trouble of sticking with good business practices. Yes many corporations and banks will fail and for good reason: they did not keep to the fundamentals of good business. It's also true that many were too far interfered with by government wanting to administer welfare via the businesses. A trap that all businesses should remember when lobbying governments: somewhere both sides have to pay back. Debts have to be paid and unfortunately this time it was the entire world economy that is going to be left with the debt; yet no one is talking about less spending and less government.

Businesses that do not run themselves well should and will fail that is built into life; governments should be the same way as many are, via elections when and where elections are free. Try and mix it together and you have bureaucracies upon regulations upon more of the same forevermore, creating a convoluted, confused and miserable system which is certainly not fair to anyone except onto themselves.

Conservatism lets natural evolution weed out the bad from the good via attrition, whereas Socialism lets it all stew and mix allowing for more concealment and corruption.

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