Monday, September 14, 2009

Armageddon Indeed!

When last Putin was in Venezuela, I suspected it was a precursory visit. The War games they performed in the Gulf went almost without comment from our new administration. Media reports were light. I wrote about my suspicions that it was not a good sign. But somehow it is not alarming enough.

Now we find out, that Venezuela will go nuclear with Putin's help. Yes the same Putin who is helping Iran; or didn't you know? Yes, the same Putin who is still the ultimate power in the USSR..oops I mean Russia. Yes, the same Putin who laments the loss of the power of the Soviet Union. You though their ambitions were dead? I imagine the media will not investigate it or report it with any depth, as I have yet to hear about it this in their hourly soundbites.

How stupid have we become? Iran is not enough? Korea is not enough? You think worrying about them is not enough?

Reagan warned about the possibility of a nuclear power in our hemisphere, over and over again. Now it will be happen, yet no one notices. Kennedy almost went to war to prevent nuclear weapons from being planted in Cuba. When will the USA get its spine back?

Obama promised Russia that we will reduce our nuclear arms. Also, he has all but backed off the missile shield in Europe which Poland and Czech Republic want to have.

Taps for the U.S. of A.? 2012 has been long discussed that it being the end of the Mayan calendar signals the end of the world and the coming sign of Armageddon. But what if it's the sign that all freedoms as enjoyed for quarter of a millennium in the only Nation that allowed it will come to an end? What price will humans pay for our lack of leadership?

Armageddon indeed, but not the one God will bring down on us, but one of our own creation. Maybe then, the "star wars" platform that Reagan proposed will not be so bad an idea, but hindsight is always too late.

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