Friday, October 23, 2009

Seeds of Revolution

Doesn't seem that long ago, but it was. Most born in the last 20 years do not know the oppression that was brought on by a nation which with it's "elected" leader paraded himself a savior: Stalin. Papa Stalin made nice speeches, while in secret brought death, fear, oppression and hatred, under the purported ideal perfect government: Marxism, Communism, Socialism. Those that lived under such oppression, eventually rose up in a small country on a cool October Eve in protest against the lies they were fed everyday by teachers, University professors, and by the news media. They assembled and burned the false propagandist books, and they marched to the Hungarian National Radio station to make demands for freedom of speech and thought. In return, the troops sent to stop the demonstration, fired into the crowd, killing many, and so the revolt began.

Does all that sound familiar? We today in America are on the ledge of discovering what oppression means. We have precious little time to prevent what others have experienced in many countries before us. I do not hear a single Hungarian who fought and finally escaped to freedom, supporting what is happening in America. In fact they wonder why Americans want communism. They recognized the seed many months ago, and talk with disbelief that it is happening here. They fret for their children and grandchildren, yet only few seem to listen to the voice of experience.

What needs to happen and quickly? Ousting all those that are abusing the power. The US Constitution has been violated. That is treason, by the highest holders of seats in the government. The US Constitution cannot be changed, it needs to be strictly enforced. The alarming Obama indoctrinating propaganda in schools needs to be protested by parents and ceased immediately. Television and radio news media needs to be called and told that we demand proper news reporting.

The seeds of fear have already been planted with large corporations, money lenders, presidents and CEO's of firms. Once they're under government control, the middle class will be next. Do not for a minute let your vigilance down and think that you are safe from re-education,or surveillance.

Alarmist, perhaps, Orwellian it is; but remember you laughed and though in 1984 that it couldn't happen here! That was only 25 years ago and the Soviet Union reigned terror for.......

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