Friday, September 11, 2009

A Day to Remember and to Honor

Honor and remember those that had to witness, live through and perish under such terror. Honor and remember your own shock and sorrow as you watched it unfold. Honor and remember the mourning of those who lost loved ones, of those who helped heal and of us as a nation. Honor and remember Honor and remember the rage you felt that such an attack on your peaceful land occurred without provocation.

These wounds will never heal, the pain only subsides with time and if we allow our memories to be changed we will forget the lessons we vowed we learned that day.

We as a nation came together that day and stayed together in resolution that we shall overcome and defend our land so it can never happen again. Remember?

It's time to honor it again! It's time to not let anyone in government change this nation to what it is not. Resolute to not allow our Constitution to die at the hands of those who support such change and who celebrate this day rather than honor it.

These thoughts are well expressed in the words of a friend, who wrote:

"This is not a day of "national service" in the sense that some would have us believe. This is a day to commemorate those who lost their lives in the atrocity 8 years ago. This is a day to resolve that we will do everything within our power to preclude another such atrocity. That is true national service."

As you view the attached pictures, you can make your own resolution.

Obama has smeared this day for remembrance with mandating that it be called "National Service Day" and not paying attention to the actual heroic sacrifices and deeds people made on this day 8 years ago and the resolution this nation made to let it not happen again. So far we've been lucky, but when Homeland Security has for it's current and next year's goal to make secure 815 total miles of border between Canada and Mexico, which total over 6000 miles, and to prevent 29% terrorists and illegals from crossing into the USA, I wonder how long we can hold on.

We need to focus on our national defense which the Constitution mandates for our government to do whereas there's nowhere in the Constitution of the USA that mandates the government to take care of everyone who resides on her land; be it with health care, welfare, childcare or bailouts.

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