Saturday, April 9, 2011

Our Ultimate Moral Dilemma

To act or not to act. To fight or not to fight. To accept or not. To see or not to see, to speak or think or to close my eyes and hope for the best. I am troubled because I cannot do the alternate. I have to speak, I have to search I cannot just accept. I, at times, wish I could. I have not written regularly in a long while because I've tried to convince myself that I am wrong or what I know is known by many and does not need my input.

It takes courage and honesty to be a leader. I am not one politically. It's not a matter of what is best said and done politically, it's a sense of what is the right thing to do. I do not have a large following and I do not think I ever will, but I'm realizing that perhaps leadership does not need that. What leadership needs is action, what it takes is just speaking out even if it's only one person who listens. I've written before about timing. That there are many who start but only a few have the timing right. I am particularly bad about timing, but it matters no longer.

I was brought to this time for a reason, I have learned from my father's experience for a reason. I cannot stay quiet and dismiss what my parents sacrificed. I have to do my part in trying to stop what, I believe, is morally wrong: The destruction of the Constitution of the USA and with it, all freedoms on earth by this regime currently sitting in the office of the Presidency of the USA and all those who support it in Congress. In this we have a great and formidable enemy: a pervasive lack of morality.

In his interview, Yuri Bezmenov, aka Tomas Schumann, said that it was easy to corrupt the USA because there was a lack of moral character. The first line subversive attack is to break down moral character. That was pretty well accomplished in the mid to late 1960s. It was not difficult to continue the same during the 1970's and now we are living the outcome.

That we were made to study misinformation in schools which today continue to be more and more blatant should be enough for outrage, but that would require a healthy moral society to bring into action. That would require people to at least make an effort to research what they hear and read. But that is no more. Not only did the "students" of the 1960s spread lies they used the same terrorist actions that we now see in Wisconsin, Europe and the Middle East. What should be even more alarming is that those same "students" are now the ruling class of the USA. They are the professors, the politicians we accepted amongst us with our uninformed votes. We have allowed their blatant lies and subversive acts to continue for 45 years and only now are we beginning to awaken. Our group has however dwindled and the task now is much more daunting and dangerous.

What happened while you were asleep? Just a change. A change in thinking and ultimate acceptance of morals that previously would have been unacceptable. Lies & thievery. Thievery never serves good. Lies do not either. Our government turned to lies and thievery, and encouraged its population to at least accept it even if they did not do it. Period. It was simply done because two generations have been educated to accept it thus.

Lies taught to children become beliefs. Children under these regimes are not taught to think, they are taught to believe what is being told to them. What is more, they are not taught to question in an intelligent way, but only in an accusatory way. In this way, children are taught to turn on the family and are able to report any family acts which are not on the approved list of acceptable behavior. In addition, they are taught to question only those who the teachers approve of, which includes parents, but never the teachers or approved leaders. It is why no one questions President Obama seriously. In short, we have raised our enemies. The evidence of turning people in for smoking, food, sugar, consumption should prove as evidence enough. Do not laugh it off, it's far more dangerous than you think.

Listen, take the bananas out of your ears, and truly listen... because it's already here:

So, can you hear it, because if you don't you'll be one of the many who will say, "I didn't know! How could I have?" while your neighbors disappear into the night.

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