Sunday, March 20, 2011

This Time it IS the Oil, Media!

Some report that the war in Iraq is now 8 years old but we have not heard any news about recent battles or squirmishes there. In fact by all reports it has been fairly stable and although our troops are still on the ground, a transition is and has been taking place since 2007. Most data I can find about the war ends at about 2007. So, where is the oil? It the war was fought for oil, it certainly has been poorly fought because the US has not received 1 drop. So I guess the war in Iraq was not a success for those that wished you to believe it was over oil and not freedom from a tyrant.

Let skip forward to Libya. News reports are mainly focused on freedom fighter and rebels against a tyrant we've know for a long time to be, Qaddafi or Gaddafi or any of the 1000 ways of spelling his name; makes him no less evil. Oh, but that term was, as I recall, taboo in 1985 when Reagan used it. But let's not digress. Kadaffi has been known to be a tyrant, a supporter of terrorists, and factually linked to attacks in Europe against countries, which included the USA via the Pan American Airline crash over Lockerbie Scottland. So far, no real difference between the two tyrants, Saddam Hussein and Kadaffi. Both repressed, killed and tortured their own people they purported to love, and both plotted, assisted in attacks on the free world. Yet one war is sanctioned and the other was not by the population of the free world, and one war was accused to be over oil while the other about supporting and freeing the people.

So, why the difference? Could it have anything to do with the media reporting and the political affiliation of the person holding the highest office? Could it have anything to do with the need for oil supply in Europe, or is it as noble as it seems or, ahem, is being reported.

Just a brief glimpse inside both those premises, we find that the media is quiet about any thought of greed for oil. Also that the thought of our military being part of yet another war, is chirp chirp, quiet & still. Even the war protesters are still protesting over Iraq. Any news of war protesters about our involvement in Libya? Again, quiet.

I hear plenty about the action and who is shooting down whom and how many civilians, rebels or government forces are being killed, but it's not the same tone in reporting. No outrageous cries of crimes committed by allied troops against the poor population.

So let's look at Libya and it's oil production.. who get's what. First Libya doesn't even appear on the list of top oil producers in the world on the U.S. Energy, Information Administration site but it's #18 by rank and they only list the top 15. Libya is a member of OPEC and it has the largest proven oil reserves in Africa and yet it's still reported to be largely unexplored. Libya also has the light sweet crude that most covet.

Additionally, most of the oil exported from Libya is imported directly into Europe (72%). It's close proximity is ideal. Largest importers are Italy, France, Spain, Greece, U.K. Only 3% comes to the USA. Without Libyan oil, Europe's economy could easily crash which as it is already on the brink of doing anyway. Additionally, with the current loss of Egypt as an ally, the top single most important oil producer and now a teetering ally is Saudi Arabia. Oh yes, the possible problems posed by the current instability in the Middle East is alarming to many Western Nations and mostly to Europe.

Granted that the USA is in need of much Middle Eastern oil, but it is the third top producer in the world and has plenty of reserves hindered only by the unwillingness to drill. But Europe's reserves are meager in comparison and are much less available for exploration or cultivation due to it's densely developed land. Russia, has been much aware of Europe's need of oil for many decades and would like nothing more than to have a monopoly for it's control. With the Libyan upheaval, and increasing Shiite rebellion and protests throughout the Middle East, Iran's and Russia's monopoly could be realized making Libya even a more important pawn on this chessboard.

Control of Iraq and Libya is and was important for terrorist activities around the world. Yet one was excused (sanctioned) for many more years than the other. Saddam threatened to undermine the stability of the Middle East and systematically killed their own even using weapons of mass destruction. (yes, they did) Their high oil production was important for Europe as well but it was the threatening disruption of OPEC balance which was probably most disturbing and why it was that Saudi Arabia sanctioned and requested our involvement.

So, could the Libyan war be over oil? This time, I bet it is. Could this high office holder be excused and held to be a hero instead of the villain? Yes, he could, all due the difference in media coverage: people not oil.

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