Monday, September 13, 2010

Technology and Logic

How far have we come in our evolution is really stunning when looking at technicals and their ability to assist us in connecting not only across the globe but farther into the Universe than ever before. It is truly magnificent when one contemplates it, but it's also truly very humbling when one realizes how little we really know.

Each advance seems to give us more yet it in my opinion it takes a lot more away. We, instead of growing and expanding ourselves with more knowledge, now rely on knowledge being fed to us without study. We believe a lot more advertisings without question, and what is more, we tend to rely and demand that others protect us from our lack of knowing and our lack of logic.

Take for example, the recent decision by Toyota to add engine noise to the Prius for the reason that many pedestrians are surprised that there is a car approaching as they step off the curb. (kind of like adding noise pollution when we achieved reducing it) Logical? I don't know about your neck o'woods but in mine even with engine noise, most pedestrians sorely lack the art of looking prior to stepping off the curb. It is not a new phenomenon, it has been the norm for quite a long time in fact. Mostly due to the drummed in knowledge that pedestrians have the "right of way". Of course, it makes no logical sense that they not look; yet still they mostly do not. Add to it the wonderful world of cell phones to the ear and even better, the ability to text while they walk, and viola, engine noise or not, they walk off the curb expecting the car to be able to stop at their presence.

The media, with serious "logic" then announce on the evening news, after a pedestrian is hit,  that drivers need to be more careful when pedestrians are present and never mention that perhaps pedestrians need to practice the age old logic of stopping, looking both ways, before stepping off the curb. Of course it's too late for the poor pedestrian who was injured or worse, and the unfortunate driver at fault or not. The lawyers will battle out the fault logical or not.

Well, I could go on, but I think many will get the point that technology does not make us smarter, but only more vulnerable to traps of comfort. One day we may wake up from our stupor realizing that we now happily accept being told what to do, what we can have, how we should eat, how we should dress, where we can throw our garbage, how much water we should consume, what size living space we can have, how much fat, where we can go, what we can drive....

Oh, I just realized, we are already there.

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