Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The End As We Know It

Yesterdays reversal of the on again off again recession is not amusing anymore. In fact I think it deliberately planned to confuse. There is nothing good coming out of a government that act stupidly but knows exactly what it's doing. Yes, that statement is intentional.

While we're trying to figure out what the heck they're doing and why, they are cunningly undermining all arms of the free market. Signs are everywhere, but so many seemingly disconnected for confusion, so the straight line is difficult to draw.

Eroded have been: property rights (Eminent Domain, Supreme Court), water rights, agriculture, health care rights, just to name the more recent ones. But if that is not enough, what is coming next, is what should worry you more.

I believe all pieces are in place and this government is confident in it's victory to dis assemble the American Constitution finally and ultimately. No one appoints so many cabinet "czars" with powers above Congress unless their intent is doing exactly what I said. I'd like to believe that no Congress no matter how stupid would actually pass laws they know little or nothing about without coercion. If they did, then they signed their own ineffective futures. I've said as much in previous posts, but now it all is coming together is a package I think we'd rather not receive.

While we're worried about tax cuts and housing starts, they are making sure that our dollar is worth less so we will end up on a more equal plane with the rest of the world. Remember that the master currency manipulator, Soros, is very much involved with this government in many areas.

Initially quietly in it's background funding the organizations like for the purpose of causing mistrust, and unrest under the Bush administration then later to infiltrate is help dis organize organizations by spreading fear and mistrust. Soros now is funding many different organizations all to assist the current government.  But the most dangerous besides the currency manipulation is his education foundation of which I have known since the  early 1990's.

Through this foundation children will be taught to be good and obedient followers of the totalitarian government being put into place. Subtle to it's core, most parents will not have a clue until the food or garbage police will come knocking because the children reported the bad behavior of their parents. Then, you will know fear like the rest of the world has known but it will be Americans turn to realize at that moment what they have voted away, given up, which they utterly thought ridiculous when warned about.

I no longer care to label it because it's a waste of time. I don't think this election will matter. Remember that Congress is no longer effective or important, except for keeping a face on until it's not needed. Otherwise the administration would be far more concerned about the outcome.

What should worry you is that I don't even think there will be a another presidential election except for show.

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