Thursday, January 21, 2010

First it was "big bad" CEOs now it's "big bad" Banks

The way to nationalization and the breakdown of capitalism is to make sure that someone or entities, the masses can't relate to, is made evil.

The "masses" meaning people who have no clue how the "rich" got prosperous, how the big companies got that way, or how financial markets work, are easily misled with just a few sound bites of blame. Repeated repeated and repeated over again, it catches attention and is soon believed.

Have you noticed how some people get re-tweeted over and over again? It means that their sound bites of 140 letters are agreed with, they are in sentiment of the re-tweeter or, friends just are in habit of re-tweeting. Soon enough the more popular the tweeter, the more they get re-tweeted. I wonder how many re-tweeters go to the trouble of research. (I'll leave that to some researcher to follow.) On the whole I would bet that it's like the main stream media of the past 2 decades. There is less and less research, and more instant reporting of often unfounded "facts" presented as facts. Just "sounds true" opinion being given to the masses.

The masses, pass on information without research on the most part and like the famous saying by a favored Marxists, "a lie repeated often enough becomes truth to the masses" which makes most of them "useful idiots". That is exactly what is going on today. Sorry I mean no disrespect. I am not only sure, but I am positive that I too have been part of the problem as some point or another. (The women's movement comes to mind, of which I was very guilty.) But I hope I have mended my ways in my wiser years. I will repeat a favorite musician's quote, which he graciously let me post on my blog, "Youth speaks at length, while age edits" - Jeremy Denk 09/19/08

It is exactly what we need now.. editing.. very wise editing before we lose it and loosen our grip on our freedoms even more.

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