Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Earnings and Politics

Today is the first day of the rest of the year. It's when traders and institutions start assessing what was hot and what was not and making decisions about how to position themselves into the year, all based on corporate earnings. So the season begins. But WAIT! There is something else in the air! It is an election. An election which could actually change things going forward into 2010. About a week ago I said as much to some people I chat with and was largely dismissed as a person who perhaps puts too much importance on such mundane events, especially where the markets are concerned.

What is interesting is that as I paid less attention, (thinking that,yes, it will make a difference but I cannot hope) the country started to pay more. So I decided to give my health a boost and stress out less only to be awakened to a fever pitch when I heard about President Obama's visit the the state.

So then perhaps we should assess the importance of politics on the markets once again, because like it or not, it makes a difference. It makes a difference whether you have a Marxist or a Libertarian running your government and putting their nose in your business. It makes not a small difference, unless you think the difference to be small between prosperity and despair.

The above notes I posted on my market blog to address traders and investors about the coming days but more needs to be said, and so I continue.

Like it or not goes Gavin Newsom's famous words of total disrespect for the law, as he does it again. Perhaps you did not catch it on the evening or the national news. Gavin Newsom's announcement to bypass, yet again, the law and the constitution in order to have his ideals enacted. What are his ideals? Well, first, no cigarettes can be sold in the city or county of San Francisco for one; for another, he now wants to reduce the ability for a business to make their own decision of selling legal items which would make profit. Mayor Newsom now wishes to stop WalMart from selling alcohol in their stores therefore he is proposing to outlaw any drug store from selling alcohol. That means wine, beer, hard liquor would be banned from any store if they are also a pharmacy. That is what you get with absolute rule from people who think they deserve absolute power. They have no care about how it effects anyone except the elite, "for the good of all". Ahh gee, did you really think capitalists thought that way? Well, give you a clue: communists love to play with mirrors reflecting off of them what they want you to see in others; and that is exactly how you have been duped for many years.

I do hope that this nation is finally awakening, because you will unfortunately be denied your hoped for vote to really mean nothing soon, if you don't. Watch what happens after this election if Scott Brown wins. Watch the Senate, watch the Congress, watch Massachusetts how quickly they act. Watch it very carefully, and watch it not only for a few days, but for a lifetime because Liberty is not to be watched with closed eyes and a prayer. Liberty always has been and always will be a cause to defend.

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