Thursday, April 23, 2009

Whoever Controls the Media

Most of you know as a matter of fact if you studied any history of war, that those who control the media control the nation. Media control was used by everyone during modern day wars as the way to convince a people to any takeover, leadership or control. It's no accident that many coups were actually delivered and done over the radio waves.

Radio as means of communication was masterfully used by Hitler, Churchill and FDR. When the main stream changed to Television, it was mastered by new leaders beginning with JFK, and used well indeed by Reagan. But the difference is that no head of state of central government controlled the media in the USA. Media control in the countries under such leaders as Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Castro and now Chavez has never been experienced here in the USA.....until now.

Those of you who have enjoyed free speech, free media and take it as a matter of course in the USA do not know nor would you recognize if it slowly subtlety changed. But those of us coming from the other side recognize the changes almost immediately. It has been slow and creeping over many years, but now it's obviously controlled and if you listen to more than one source you can still hear the discrepancies, omissions and downright lies as they become more and more daring and predominant.

One of the most obvious clues is when politicians make outrageous and obvious lies yet the media lets it lie. (Pun intended) Other ways you'll notice it when there are obvious omissions of news and the most blatant is when previous news is altered. Another way is when you notice how easily the media dismisses a counter argument to a point, if they air it at all. Recent example is the dismissing of VP Cheney's knowledge about who were briefed about the handling and questioning of captured terrorists, and what results were derived by the Congressional approved torture techniques. The former VP would know more about the subject because he was there than those that were given more media time.

Now we reached and reaching another plateau; one that is the most obvious and most masterful. There's no dispute about President Obama's masterful use of the "new" media: the Internet and specifically social networking during his campaign. Now however he's working overtime to control the rest of the media while others of his circle are fast working on controlling Cyberspace. Witness the recently introduced Senate Bill 773 the Cybernet Security Act of 2009. It is nothing but the most blatant danger to our freedom of speech, freedom of thought and privacy.

This Senate Bill is being pushed to be passed quickly and implemented in a year. Please read it and please do work to stop it. It creates a "Cyber Police" bureaucracy under the guise that we need it to protect our infrastructure but it goes far beyond that. It will allow regulation, unlawful spying and give power to shut down all or parts of the Internet on a moments notice on top of which it creates a neighborhood Cyberspace watch program.

You may wonder why such hurry to implement something so invasive and you need not look far. 2010 is touted to be one of the most important midterm elections for the Senate and House the control of the Internet could play a large role in distribution and availability of information on all candidates as they become more savvy in the usage of it. Remembering that this truth is not lost on the President nor should it be lost on you:


The Cybernet IS the new media!

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