Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Future You Wanted?

I have news for you. The whole idea behind the persecution and the proposed (pushed) prosecution of former legal advisers and leaders of the Bush administration is to stop people from enrolling in such time honored activities as espionage leading to the defense of our freedoms and safety.

Let me expand: by being totally "open" to the world, in other words by revealing our secrets to the world, it leaves open the door of not only the prosecution of our servicemen and servicewomen in the CIA, FBI and other armed services, but also the hatred, the persecution and safety of their existence. It is the calculated way of bringing down anyone who may be doing their job to leave the service for fear of their livelihood if not their very lives. The ones that will replace them will be the "yes" men/women whose job will be in name only. The supposed safety they'll protect will be the safety of the government carrying out our takeover to the fullest measure.

If you think we'll have another honest election in the USA according to the rules of the Constitution, think again. In writing the "Whoever Controls the Media" I pointed out that the Internet is the next media to conquer which has already been conquered to a large extent by this administration with Google on their side, it will be easier. Yes, Google the gathering media that will have any secrets recorded and will happily pass it on to the government agencies that ask, just like they did in China. They refused to reveal child pornographers and molesters during the Bush administration, but when it came to protecting the rights of people in China they folded and turned over information on people that were inquiring and inquisitive about Democracy and the ways of the Republic. Will they do it if Pres. Obama asks? Remember they endorsed Pres. Obama, sit and sat on his advisory board so they know the agenda.

If you really believe that they will not control you by 2010 election time, you better consider all Senate Bill 773 and all the other restrictive parenting bills being pushed fast and furious to turn this country fast to being fully Socialized. I honestly don't believe there's enough time to stop it because the people have elected a virtual monopoly government and they are succeeding in cutting out the other side of all relevant discussions. The current Health Care Bill is the perfect example of this being ram shod into law without due process of the opinion of opposition, nor of people being able to debate its merits and flaws. Nay, without people deciding whether they want it! This power grabbing, people controlling legislation is only the beginning

There's no leadership currently from any front willing to take on this task here and abroad and therefore, we'll go down silently into dust. The only person speaking up is Vaclav Klaus the President of the Czech Republic who they dismiss for being from a small country and because his agenda is the opposite side of this world sweeping move toward oppression. Hear his speech a couple of years back....

Those who lived it, experienced it, lived through it know nothing yet those who write and theorize about how well it will be done this time know everything, according to the media and even according to the current leadership of the European Union. What is said is dismissed totally yet proven correct within minutes in the same Parliament. Read and hear this and tell me our government isn't doing the same as Vaclav Klaus warns.

If you ever wonder how what happened under Hitler could have happened under the noses of honest, caring citizens, you are living it now.. this is how:

  • You believe the way to peace is by being "brought together" under one leader and belief
  • You think the Man should be given a chance.. even after he has proven himself treasonous by revealing secrets to the enemy. Yes, we are still at war with the Taliban!
  • You think what is happening is the result of Bush therefore it will play out to normal after he corrects all the wrongs Bush has done. Blame someone else for our woes syndrome.
  • You think what the man does is weird but OK because he has a right to his opinion. Therefore it's OK that he embraces the likes and ideas of the Weather Underground, Rev Wright, Chavez, idealizes Castro, bows to the Saudi King; yet snubs our ally the Brits by returning Churchill's bust (a gift to the White House not to him).
  • You let him slide on his promises .. especially the one about being able to examine each bill he signs before he signs it to let your voices be heard. Even those who wrote the bills don't have time to read it. Have you spoken up? Has President Obama, Senator Reid or Speaker Pelosi asked for or listened to any opinions?
  • You think you have time
  • You think you have time until the next election.
  • You think you have time....until they knock on your door and silently lead you away to a re-education center; that's when you discover that the CIA, FBI and the Armed Services have turned on their own people and now you are considered the enemy for the reason that you were brought up knowing the original Constitution of the United States of America.
You think I'm too dramatic? Well, maybe. In "Biting the Hand That Feeds" I point out that once control is given, the government does not ask for permission again. It has been proven time and again: just look at the Taxation system, Social Security system, Educational system... etc etc etc. I am sad and angry and have been seeing the steady deterioration for well over a decade. You may think it was in my crystal ball or you can finally hear us: that those who lived it, just know.

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