Thursday, December 18, 2008

Total Disconnect

Local evening news shows a story about how cold it is and how few shoppers are out and how hard the economy is hitting businesses while some are worried about losing jobs therefore networking for new employment possibilities. The story is followed by this one: SF Mayor Gavin Newsom's wife is wearing the largest chocolate diamond ever mined with cut 3800 facets and the spokeswomen asking if her husband, Gavin will open his wallet for the gem.

Mayor Newsom is the one that totally ignored law and his pledge to uphold it, by allowing gay marriages in the city without voter approval, saying we're doing it "like it or not", is currently running for Governor.

Arnold Schwartzenegger declaring California to become the first and largest electric vehicle supporter effectively forcing Californians toward that goal (like it or not to borrow a phrase from Gavin Newsom). Electric grids in the state can't keep up with current electric usage requiring rolling blackouts during the warmest days of the year; and we're not even considering the cost of "plugging in" a vehicle with currently rising electric prices, another 20% increase hitting us as we speak.

Ditto governor, declaring that California will abide by the Kyoto protocol (like it or not) indebting an already indebted state and then asking the feds to help it with loans.

Local news media and the ruling Democratic Party is blaming the Republicans in the California legislature for being late with a budget plan. The Democrats have had a majority stronghold on the Californian legislature for the past 30 years succeeding in getting us further into debt in the last 3 years despite of record tax revenues collected during the same time. Somehow I wonder how a 2/3 majority can be held at bay by a 1/3 minority.

The Democrats in the California legislature ignoring constitution and trying to pass tax increases, calling them "fees" without the required 2/3 vote.

Lest we forget, Pelosi and company accepting the usual yearly Congressional pay increase while expecting to increase taxes on the rest of us. I guess there's no financial crisis in Congress.

When will we wake up?

I'm sure you can think of more, so add it in comments.. thanks
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