Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Bringing It All Home Part I

So here you have it.. the dupe package I told you about is well on its way. The same pundits on TV and in Congress that were eager to vote and get it going without thought, now are wondering where all that money went, asking why there wasn't any accountability attached to all the loans.

Exactly how much is $780 billion dollars? Can you understand that figure? If you want some perspective as to how much money is being bandied about, take a look at this comparative chart:

Expense, Cost, = Cost Today Adjusted to Inflation

Louisiana Purchase $15 million = $217 billion

Race to the Moon $36.4 billion = $237 billion

S&L Crisis $153 billion = $256 billion

Korean War $54 billion = $454 billion

The New Deal $32 billion (est) = $500 billion (est)

War in Iraq $551 billion = $597 billion

Vietnam War $111 billion = $698 billion

NASA (Cumulative) $416.7 billion = $851.2 billion

WORLD WAR II $288 billion = $3.6 trillion

The very agencies that collect and spend our money, namely the government, don't feel that they have to account for it themselves while they demand that everyone else account for their earnings via the income tax. Amazing isn't it? Well, where did the current $780 billion go? Can you name what it was spent on? Where will it take us?

Congress, in their rush to spend the money we don't have to fix the economy only created a bigger chaos and a deeper problem; but don't take my word for it, wait for the layoffs, because the only accounting that is for certain is that your government invested in bad debt and they don't have a clue if and when it will be paid back. Yet, nevertheless, you are stuck with the bill.

Congratulations Americans, you've been duped.

Thanks for reading.
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