Sunday, October 23, 2011

The First Blow

A lot is said about the end of the  Cold War with the destruction of the wall that separated East and West Berlin but not much is mentioned any more about that first chink placed in the Iron Curtain.  The first blow that got world attention even if just for a brief moment in time. That first blow which was struck 55 years ago on this day, October 23, 1956 known as the  Hungarian Revolution.

It would be nice to think that it is over. That the monsters that lived and ruled then will never be able to destroy the human spirit again.  I wish that it were true. Communism never died and will never die as long as there are people willing to subject themselves to a belief  that government will protect them and the rich owe them.

The very same people who now are calling for that very thing throughout the USA. Yes, Communism never dies it just moves on like a virus taking opportunity where it can to flourish in the poisoned minds of the poorly educated, the bitter, the lazy, purposeless masses.  People who do not see hope in themselves but only in those who say they will provided it for them.  People who think that work is not something they create for themselves but it should be created for them. People who listen to the slogans but don't bother to research it. The danger lays not in those who know, it lies in those who do not.

It is those who do not know who are the blind followers and regurgitate slogans they themselves cannot explain. Slogans full of promise that are only smoke. When asked to explain their views, these people usually just repeat what they've heard. When probed deeper or challenged by facts, they get a glazed look unable to comprehend the reality. They are the useful people at the start of any revolution for oppression.

On the other hand, the students that started the demonstration of the 1956 revolt against the Soviet oppression were actually looking for the truth and demanding it. They knew what oppression of truth was in the real sense; they grew up with it. Unable to probe into any foreign knowledge outside the Iron curtain, they were only able to sneak a few words by listening, upon pain of detention or death, to the Voice of America broadcast. They knew oppression because they could not discuss openly anything of what they thought. No political discussion was allowed, no speaking against government or it's leaders. They could not even comment about the quality of production at factories or the lack of provisions and food. It was all considered an attack on the government.

Watching the Wall St. protesters one can only wonder what their oppression is.  Certainly none of the ones listed above. They are able to listen to anything they want from anywhere around the world. Their education is not restricted to books printed by government, they have ample mechanical, technical and organic items available to them. None of them complain about the lack of food, and if they did they would not be punished for it but most likely provided with more choice. They are not at lack for work because let's face it if they wanted work that is not where they'd be hanging around for so many days. People who want to find work and provide for their families have no time for demonstrations.  So their choice of work is certainly available to them, after all the office of unemployment does not demand that one take any job offered. In fact not one of them is restricted from doing the any work they please, like people are under Communism.

In addition of all those listed oppressions doled out under Communism was one that few people hear about and perhaps even fewer would believe.  That is the inability to choose your work even if educated to do the profession. So a doctor, educator, lawyer, scientist, artist, singer, dancer, writer, could not practice their craft but were made to do other work. Work usually decided by some social justice group. If in any way professionals offended the regime, they would be prevented from practice; the offence  as small as a political joke could send one to be questioned and never to be able to work steadily again.

I am willing to bet that many people living today in the USA have no conception how that would feel. After all, here you can study and do whatever you wish to earn money, save for what is against the law. Here you can even invent work for yourself, as long as you get paid for your work or invention, it's legitimate. Under Communism everything has to be approved. Are you getting the picture yet?

What the Wall St. protesters on the most part do not realize that what they are asking for is suppression and what they are giving up is their freedom.  A freedom hard fought by many before them.

In memory for those who fought, In memory for those who died
23 Oktober 1956, Budapest, Hungary

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The Hungarian National Anthem
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