Sunday, March 28, 2010

Hear No Evil

We are so smart, we all like to think, we will know what is happening and when we are in danger. Haven't we learned it from our parents? Be careful of strangers especially when they offer you sweets. "Sure Mom, Dad of course we won't" was our answer and off we went forgetting the warning the minute the door slammed behind us. Parents, being who they are, fretted over our safety but knew that they could do nothing once out of site, and could only hope that the words spoken would be remembered at the crucial time; and many times we did, but then, we grew up.

Then, we forgot. As young adults, we think we know better than anyone before us and we begin to criticize what passed before and we think that everything needs correcting and think we think we can do what others before us did not. Or at least that is what some with the candy whisper in our ear, lecture in classrooms, shout from podiums, write in newspapers, declare on news stations and whisper in our ears. So, we succumb and take that piece of sweet; we know it will be only the one piece.

In this way we were lured to elect a man to be our leader, who spoke to us with sweet words and criticized what we criticized and said he knew what to do to correct it and our children said "Hurrah" and "at last"! We heard no evil behind those sweet words of hope and change.

"What will one piece of "sweet" harm?", we justify, while we also know that one piece leads to another, then another, and then we are captured and forced to take what comes next, like it or not we are now a statistic where we lose our individuality and become a number in the scheme where the next step is dictatorship and we are normalized into thinking that we now must ..... See No Evil

Thanks for reading a work in progress
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