Thursday, July 16, 2009

Cold Bucket Magic

It's the hardest time to write; when one is down and feeling like no amount of words will do the magic that can be done with a cold bucket of water while one is sleeping. Unfortunately that cold bucket will only wake-up 1 person per bucket; and we need to wake people up by the thousands, for it will take no less to turn around.

I've been trying to wake people up for many years. The blog is my current medium to try to reach as many as possible, but alas, it's a slow grow, unlike the relentless politicians, social organizers and their publicists, the media, who have countless other agenda driven people carrying forth the Utopian message designed to enslave. I wrote many times before that what we're embracing is not new nor is it a new message, but the people who have not heard it, studied it or lived it, are easily fooled.

My audience is still small and needs to be seeded to regrow year after year, time after time. Freedom and the pursuit of Liberty does not grow on it's own, it needs tending and vigilant care like advised and warned by the writers of our country's foundation. It's of quoted that Benjamin Franklin said: "We founded you a Republic, if you can keep it". No, Mr. Franklin, it seems we could not because as I wrote today on Twitter: "We may be remembered as the highest educated stupid people per square mile in history, who in the end preferred sheepdom to freedom".

I keep reading many who say "2010, 2010 we will take it back". I will be on board, believe me, even though I feel we are on the raft and they're on the cruiser, yet I don't believe for a minute that, what took the socialist hijackers of our country years to achieve will be let go on a whim of an election. I also don't believe that the agenda is finished.

World governance is the phrase being used more and more frequently and seriously by leaders of the world and, in case you are wondering, there is no room for a strong nation of freedom loving people, who know its true meaning, under world governance. To achieve total world governance the agenda must start with no less than the true breakdown of American society to which end we are well on our way now with the countless bills being passed in Congress designed to do the deed.

What we need, NOW, is to halt each and every bill currently in front of Congress. No more passing of any bills without full reading & investigation.

What we need, NOW, is to halt approval of any appointees until we fully examine their intention, clearly in front of Americans. None of the mutual admiration speeches we are currently forced to listen to and no more gutless questions by gutless representatives.

What we need NOW, is no less than a march on Washington to halt the agenda.

What we need NOW, is for millions to wake up before it's too late!

What we need NOW, is that "cold bucket magic" to wake up the lulled, the appeased, and the apathetic.

What we need NOW is for YOU to wake up AMERICANS, before it's too late.

Thanks for reading and for passing this on!

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